5 Reasons Tech Companies SHOULD Have Events in Cebu!

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Do you know what sucks? Manila getting every new thing before everyone else in the Philippines. I may just be bitter but it’s no secret that Manila gets all the good tech events. Only local telcos have the people and resources in place to do events in other places. The only major tech companies that had events in Cebu (that I know of) are OPPO and Lenovo/Motorola. Like I said, I might just be bitter but hear me out. Wouldn’t it be great if tech companies would consider having events in other places here in PH? It would be nice to have unique tech event experiences in other places.

I won’t be speaking for places other than Cebu since I live in the Queen City of the South. Without further ado, here are 5 reasons tech companies should have events in Cebu:

Food is Cheaper!

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This is from an upcoming #FoodWars episode from Kalami Cebu! Watch out for that soon!

Cebu may have urbanized parts but that doesn’t mean our food is so expensive. We have a lot of options as to where we buy food. We sometimes opt for good restaurant food. Sometimes we want street food. Our lechon is worth checking out! I even have a guide here from Kalami Cebu if you want know more about lechon! Hehe.

What I’m trying to say is that you can try a lot of food without spending too much.

Beaches are Just Nearby!

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Image Credit: Blissful Snapshots

Whenever tech companies need a change of scenery from the usual, you can count on Cebu to provide a lot of places. Beaches in Cebu are nearer than those you would find in Manila. (Even those in towns of Boljoon and Santander would only take you around 3 hours max.) The beach you see right there? That’s just from a resort in Lapu-Lapu City. Tech companies could do events that are tailored towards highlighting the best features of their product. For example, a gadget that’s aimed at hikers can do a hike (provided that there are people in their company who can hike, of course).

Many Picture-Worthy Places!

5 reasons tech companies picture-worthy

Cebu has a lot to offer in terms of nice places to have lots of pictures! Just look at the work of Drift Stories and Blissful Snapshots! They really showcased what the South of Cebu has to offer! Phone makers can do a photowalk to showcase the capabilities of the cameras on their phones! I know that doesn’t sound original but it usually works in that manner!

Cebuanos are Really Hospitable!

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I mean you can say that about all Filipinos. It’s just that the Cebuano hospitality is very unique and we don’t shy away from anyone who visits Cebu. The Sinulog Festival is a great example of how we celebrate with everyone, not just fellow Filipinos.

Cebu Bloggers Can Hang With the Best!

Image Credit: Kalami Cebu

This one is more of a bold claim than a reason. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from blogging, it’s that it all starts with the content and I’m pretty confident that Cebu bloggers can offer the best of what Cebu has to offer. Cebu bloggers can also show the best of what you want us to promote about. Not just bloggers, but also social media influencers as well! We are ready for primetime and we can play with the big boys up there in Manila!

And those are my 5 reasons tech companies SHOULD have events in Cebu. Am I just too bitter? It may just be a pet peeve of mine but I really want to see this through. Leave a comment or suggestion as to what more Cebu can offer. 🙂

8 thoughts on “5 Reasons Tech Companies SHOULD Have Events in Cebu!

  1. NThe reasons laid out above also markets why people
    should stay and visit Cebu in general and or why big
    events must also be held here.
    Cebu is a strategic place since the island is located
    at the center of the country. People from the southern and
    northern portion of the country can easily access Cebu.

  2. Sakto jud ni, Julz. Cebu definitely has a lot to offer, not just in the blogging scene or tech events. Really hoping more tech companies would consider Cebu as their venue for their events. 😀

  3. Ohhh so nice to see my photo here, hehe. Thanks Jullian!

    Although I would love to experience an event in Manila again like that of Vivo, I also want to see more events here in Cebu. For one, I enjoyed the Oppo F1s launch at Movenpick last time. The Moto event wasn’t that bad too.

    Perhaps they’re cost cutting? Or it would be easier for them to do it in Manila logistics-wise? I dunno. But I believe Cebu is worth it though. Think Cherry Mobile (they even had special promos just for Cebu).

  4. Yes please! Tech events in Cebu will be great! And if they want volunteers/organizers, I have a reliable connection with that too. LOL. (if we are not that busy with our GDG, Tech Ladies and other events hehe)

  5. Cebu has a lot to offer. The things you’ve mentioned are the very good reasons why big companies must do tech events in the Queen City of the South. Not only tech events but these reasons also made Cebu a livable city among others.

  6. All of the things you listed are super correct plus a bunch of other great reasons. I really hope tech, and other big companies start investing more of their resources towards Cebu and its blogger/media environment!

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