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realme Buds Q Review: The Best For Its Price

Jullian Robin Sibi 7

Alongside the realme 7 and realme 7 Pro, realme also launched the realme Buds Q: a stylish pair of truly wireless earbuds! At first glance, it seemed like just another pair of earbuds to me. Once I opened it up and used them, it felt like I’m using a different animal. Without further ado, here’s my review!


In case you missed my unboxing, you can check out my video on YouTube!

DISCLAIMER: Before I start, I just wanted to point out that I mainly used the realme Buds Q alongside the new realme 7. I also tried this out with my iPhone to see if I get similar benefits with these buds or not.

Surprised at This Case!

When I first got it out of the box, it really surprised me as to how small the case is! These are one of the few that can fit even the smallest of pockets.

This is all thanks to its Cobble Design. Who knew that someone involved with a luxury brand would be involved with a device like this? It’s really a good thing that realme has José Lévy, a cooperated designer at Hermès and the Art Director of the realme Design Studio.

Even as I kept using these buds, I still pause to marvel at the matte-feeling case. I can’t just keep staring at this though. Let’s open this up!

Not My First Rodeo with In-Ears.

Before I got my first pair, I used to swear off in-ear earbuds. I fear that they would be really irritating for me and I worry that I would waste my money with these. After trying a pair on (more on that on the blog soon), I feel more comfortable trying some more. These were the first ones since.

realme buds q - actual earbuds

When I got the realme Buds Q off its case, they were really tiny! They almost felt too small in my hands. I’m afraid to hold the earbuds for fear of crushing them with my hands! Good thing I like the matte feel on them and the small footprint counters the slippery feel. The Buds Q comes with interchangeable tips in 3 sizes. I found the one already attached to the buds to be good enough.

Small Yet LOUD. Like, REALLY LOUD.

I’m not exaggerating here! These buds really surprised me with its volume thanks to their large 10mm drivers. I find the lows really pronounced when listening to bass-heavy music. Good thing the vocals didn’t really drown out for me.

One weird thing I tend to notice with most TWS earbuds is that there are delays when watching videos or playing games. The Buds Q compensates for the delay with its Super Low Latency Gaming Mode. realme says this mode can reduce latency in games down to 119ms. Based on playing Asphalt 9 and Mobile Legends, I really noticed the reduced lag. Sucks that I could still notice, but at least it’s bearable.

Now For All The TWS Earbuds Staples…

I found the setup easy thanks to the realme Link app. It was also convenient for me that I get to store the connected devices I own in the app. In that same app, you can customize the available touch controls on the earbuds! A nitpick for me is that the touch controls can be spotty when doing the double and triple taps. I ended up using the Touch and Hold action for playing/pausing music because of that. A good change is to make the touch surface bigger.

Final Verdict

realme buds q final verdict

One thing that I didn’t really touch on was its price. I did it on purpose! Most of the things I said up there wouldn’t really matter if I said the price right away. The realme Buds Q costs P1,490! If you’re really particular in terms of watching videos, you can look elsewhere. For the features you get here, I can really recommend this to anyone who’s looking for good TWS earbuds on a budget.

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  1. I’m using wireless earphones as well that costs a thousand pesos. It’s awesome for its price and I guess tech products nowadays are constantly improving. Great for consumers!

  2. I looking for wireless earphones and this is a great option for me! It looks really nice and it is very affordable as well. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  3. I never had wireless earphones right now and I’m planning to get one soon. It seems this product is so stylish and very convenient to use, I am a little bit confuse about this product too. I really prefer to use a wired earphones because I am comfortable with it. If I have one, it is a quite adjustment for me to wear a wireless ear buds. 🙂

  4. I have never used any wireless earphones and I am guilty of somewhat traditional in tech preferences. But I hope that one of these days, I can try or buy a pair. Is it any good for online teaching? That is the only consideration I have since I have an online “side hustles”. Nevertheless, I will try to keep up with technology.

    • Any pair of wireless earbuds are good for online teaching! Just make sure that the microphones of the wireless earbuds are good enough. 🙂

  5. Thanks for this review! Sad to say that we already bought my own wireless buds months ago. If I didn’t, I might consider buying this.

  6. One of the best accessories for me! This is very affordable than I expected. For me, this is very helpful especially if you are always on the go and you don’t want the messy wires around you. I love it!

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