Having Second Thoughts About Smartphone Insurance? Check This Out!

If you are someone who has a super hectic lifestyle and often uses devices roughly, then keep reading! This post is all about the importance of phone insurance.

Well, did you know the average price of a smartphone has increased a whopping 11 percent since 2017? Apple has released its much-awaited iPhone 11 and Samsung its Note 10 at exorbitant prices! With such expensive phones getting launched in the market, no wonder it becomes necessary to get your prized possession the best possible care and protection.

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When we say your phone needs caring, we don’t just mean getting the fanciest covers and the most expensive scratch guards. We also mean for your phone to have an insurance plan.

If you have ever been in a place where your broken (but still new!) smartphone needs to be replaced, then insurance is your ultimate solution! If you are someone who’s very clumsy and often drops his/her phone, then insurance is the answer!

Now, if we purchase insurance for homes, cars, and other appliances, why not something as important as smartphones?

So here are the top reasons why you should get phone insurance immediately!

1.       Insurance is better than a good phone case

As we said earlier, getting a might good case is just not enough. While a case might deliver some kind of protection, it is not as full proof as an insurance plan. Your insurance will be beneficial to you if your phone gets lost and misplaced, not your phone case. Neither will your case make your device completely waterproof or shatter-proof. We are not saying phone cases are totally unnecessary; we are just saying that phone insurance is more important than a case.

2.       Insurance is not as expensive as you think

Think of it this way. You are already spending a bomb on buying a brand new mobile. We totally understand how adding the cost of an insurance plan on top of your phone’s cost might be daunting. Don’t be scared. Insurance plans are not that expensive. In fact, if you calculate the deductibles on your phone’s insurance cover, you will see how the cost is much lower than that of a new phone. In fact, phone protection plan providers offer a variety of plans, and we are sure you will at least find one plan that suits your budget just fine.

3.       The insurance covers much more than the warranty

Many of you might think, “Why do I need an insurance plan when I already have a lasting warranty?”

Well, it is true that all mobiles come with manufacturer warranty these days, but this warranty only covers software defects or mechanical issues. Warranties don’t cover anything else. Your warranty won’t cover damages related to carelessness, such as a cracked screen, malfunctioning home button, or earphone jack failure. If your phone gets stolen, it won’t be covered in your warranty! Therefore, you got to buy an insurance plan because it covers much more than your warranty.

Now again, we are not entirely asking you to ditch your manufacturer’s warranty. After all, the warranty is the first line of defense in case anything happens to your device. Your phone insurance or cell phone protection plan is second in line to pick up any slack in case your warranty does not apply to that issue.

Understanding the importance of smartphone insurance

Do you finally see how important it is to get insurance for your device? If you are shelling out a bomb to buy a new phone, it is only fair that you spend a small amount making sure all your cell phone damages are taken care of.

In this post, we have only touched a few instances of why smartphone insurance is important. There are many other ways phone insurance can help you. What more, you can also buy an insurance plan for your existing phone and still enjoy all the benefits available.

So hurry and protect your device!

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