When Tech Community Meets Government!

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When I got back from my Japan business trip, I knew I needed a different type of content. I wanted a platform where I could showcase more of Cebu and technology. I was just there to meet up with Joy of The Company Cebu when she told me to attend this cool event. Named “Community + Government 2”, the event aims to gather people from the tech and startup communities and government representatives for a conversation on various topics.

This one focused on how we can feature the tech communities while providing budding startup founders and entrepreneurs an avenue to learn a lot about the industry. Since it hasn’t been announced yet, I won’t be spilling any beans here.

The discussion even went on a weird tangent where we discussed the realities of starting a startup. The conversation would go full startup and it worried some people. They were only there for showcasing their community and would want to partner with the government for their events. I love that we could talk about a lot of things when the tech community meets government. It goes crazy and funny and all sorts of weird. Good thing that we finished discussing what we needed to discuss.

After the whole shebang, there was a full-on mixer going on! It felt impromptu but also felt right. I love how people just naturally wanna talk to other people. The fact that I get to peek into the minds of different kinds of people including the government reps here was awesome! I hope the tech community meets government more often to help bring the Cebu tech and startup scenes into overdrive!

Community Meets Government Header
Awesome things happen when the tech community meets government! 🙂

Until the next one! Loved everyone I met there!

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