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Wow. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but WELCOME BACK to The Tech Behind series! This is the series where I feature different content creators and find out the tech behind what they do! I previously featured Isa Rodriguez of GadgetMatch and Joshua Vergara! Both of them are really great in the tech space. I wanted to go for someone not in tech for a change.

I have to be honest: I never thought I would even get her to do this. It just seemed too good to be true for me. I’ve been a big fan of hers for a long while now. I always get inspired every time she says something I never would have thought. She also reminded me that social media REALLY DOES have an effect on my mental health.

Say hello to Camie Juan!

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She currently has a blog at camiejuan.com and does videos over at her YouTube channel! Most of her cool and awesome work though comes from her Instagram account (instagram.com/camiejuan)! Without further ado, here’s my interview with Camie Juan!

URTechie: When you did start creating content? What made you start doing it?

Camie: I started creating content professionally in 2011. Before that, I was blogging purely because it was my hobby to document my life, as if in an “online diary” kind of way (which I’ve been doing since I was 12!)

URTechie: What’s your platform of choice and why?

Camie: YouTube for videos, Instagram for short-form blogging + sharing photos. I enjoy both platforms because I find they’re the best way I can show my creativity while sharing my life. And for Instagram, I like that I can keep up with what my family and friends are up to back home. I can watch IG stories for an hour straight and not even realize the time.

URTechie: What are your go-to tech essentials in your daily life and when creating content?

Camie: iPhone X, Sony A7III and my Canon G7X (but this recently broke and I need to replace it!)

Camie Juan’s tech essentials: Sony A7III and iPhone X

URTechie: How different is making content in New York compared to when you were still in Manila?

Camie: It’s not that much different especially when it comes to technicalities. But after being in Manila my whole life, it’s easier to create content in NYC because it’s a new city, it’s inspiring, there’s always something happening, and there’s a lot of different cultures everywhere you go. All this helps motivate me in creating content.

URTechie: I recently watched your video regarding mental health and the state of your content. What would you tell people going through similar situations?

Camie: Everyone has their ups and downs, and even at your lowest your feelings are valid no matter the situation… it will be tough, but you will get through it. And when things get really difficult, just stepping back and taking a break is okay. The world will be waiting for you when you’re reading to keep going again.

URTechie: What advice would you give someone that wants to start creating content?

Camie: I’ll keep this short but keep it true: Do it for yourself, and the rest will follow.

I wanna give a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to Camie for taking the time to answer my questions! If you haven’t already, follow Camie Juan at her social media channels:

Facebook: Camie Juan
Twitter: @camiejuan
Instagram: @camiejuan

I’ll probably do these posts once a month so I don’t easily run out of creators to interview. Hope you’re enjoying The Tech Behind series so far! See you in the next one!

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