The Rise of Cebuano Podcasts!

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The Philippines is fairly new to the world of podcasting. Only recently did I discover local podcasts that just started. Examples are Wake Up with Jim and Saab and Adulting with Joyce Pring. I didn’t really know if there were any podcasts from creators in Cebu.

Here we are near the end of 2018 and I found some Cebuano podcasts! It may not be in Bisaya but they’re made right here in Cebu! Here are the Cebuano podcasts that I know of.


cebuano podcasts - IssaTalks

This is probably the first Cebuano podcast that I found. At the time, I was already listening to many podcasts from the US. After getting to know Issa shortly before Cebu Creators Day, that was the time I got into IssaTalks!

During the time I tuned in, she would do a live stream on Facebook then upload the audio through LibSyn. I really appreciated her efforts to make podcasting a thing here in Cebu.

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ZeroThreeTwo Conversations

cebuano podcasts - ZeroThreeTwo Conversations

A podcast that I found thanks to Issa is this one! Carlo Villarica, one of the co-founders of ZeroThreeTwo, started a podcast where he could talk with the Cebuano creative class. He gets into these interesting conversations to the point that I would laugh sometimes! One example was the episode with Karl Lucente of Mandaue Nights and he said a metaphor involving spaghetti! (Listen to that episode here.) I can’t wait to see where Carlo takes this.

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The Big Picture Philippines

cebuano podcasts - The Big Picture Philippines

Thanks to my interview with Carlo Villarica (check that out here), I found out about The Big Picture Philippines! This is from Dave Visaya and Joseph Librero. This podcast is about topics that show us the big picture of things. It’s good to look at it that way sometimes.

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cebuano podcasts - Beanstalk

This is fairly new but this podcast is from Miss Bean of Bean in Transit. Her podcast covers the mundane stuff yet relevant to the people around us.



cebuano podcasts - Podcast-on-the-Go

This is another fairly new podcast from Vernon Joseph Go, a known writer of personal finance articles over at The Freeman. He also blogs at VernonGo.com. The podcast is basically an extension of his blog.

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The Creator Life

cebuano podcast - The Creator Life

Last but not the least is my very own podcast, The Creator Life! I talk with different content creators and go into a lot of stuff. We go into what he/she does, what makes him/her tick, and their thoughts on different content creator topics! I’m really enjoying the experience so far and I hope you enjoy listening to it too!

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I hope you guys listen to the podcasts I showed above! Leave a rating and review when you can as it helps the shows grow! Start getting into podcasts simply by going to Spotify or downloading a podcast app NOW!

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