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After just around a month after its US release, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be out on October 26 in the Philippines! With that in mind, I’m here to show you how to preorder two of the new iPhones! It’ll all depend on how you want to buy them. This is my iPhone XS Philippines preorder guide!

Globe’s ThePLAN

Let’s start off with Globe’s offer for both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. They advertise their recommended plan of ThePLAN 1799 with P1,700 cash-out (iPhone XS) / P2,000 cash-out (iPhone XS Max) per month (for 24 months). You can get an installment plan on the phone through credit card or charge to your bill if you plan on recontracting.

Here are the items included in their recommended ThePLAN 1799:

  • 11GB data
  • Unlimited texts to all networks
  • Unlimited calls to Globe/TM
  • FREE 6-month subscription to Amazon Prime Video
  • FREE 6-month subscription to Disney Life

Here’s the cash out table for those who want to pay more (or less) per month on ThePLAN:

If you recontract now, you can get P2,400 off from the cash-out if you get ThePLAN 1799 and up! Go to Globe’s website for more details.

Smart’s GigaX Plan

With Smart, you can get the iPhone XS with GigaX Plan 1499 + P1,800 cash-out for 24 months. You can also get the iPhone XS Max with the same plan + P2,100 cash-out for 24 months.

iPhone XS with Smart GigaX Plan
iPhone XS Max with Smart GigaX Plan

If you are renewing your contract with Smart, you get special pricing! Just head on over to Smart’s website for more info!

Apple Resellers

Apple resellers usually DO NOT have preorders for any new Apple products. This year, Power Mac Center made the iPhone XS and XS Max available for preorder through them!

You just need to deposit P10,000 to secure your preorder. Payment options of the deposit can be through cash, debit card, cheque (subject to bank verification), or credit card (straight payment). For more info, check out Power Mac Center’s Facebook page.

Are you getting the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max? Waiting for the iPhone XR? Or are you going for other phones like the Mate 20 Pro? Let me know in the comments!

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