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5 Reasons to Go to DevFest x Bizfest Cebu 2018!

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There’s this event every year where local developers here in Cebu and nearby provinces gather in one place. This is Devfest, an event organized by  Google Developers Group Cebu (GDG Cebu). (Fun fact, I know some people there. Shhhhh.) Last year, they collaborated with Google Business Group Cebu (GBG Cebu) to have Devfest gDayX 2017! They combined the power of developers with the power of businesses and entrepreneurship!

This year, they’re doing it AGAIN! This time it’s under the name DevFest x BizFest Cebu 2018: Into The Future! It’ll be on October 27, 2018 at Summit Galleria Cebu! In case you don’t know where that is, the organizers have a guide for you!

In case you’re wondering why you should go to the BIGGEST Google tech conference in Cebu, here are 5 reasons why:

Let’s Talk Tech and Business!

In this event, there will be panel discussions about the latest tech and business topics! There will also be Q&As where the audience gets to ask them various questions, even ones like “Estimated Salary”! Hahaha!

Project Showcase!

For the first time ever, DevFest is giving developers a chance to showcase their projects for FREE! Teams of 3-5 are automatically given a free pass to DevFest x BizFest Cebu 2018!


The theme for this year’s DevFest x BizFest Cebu is Into The Future. With that in mind, GDG Cebu and GBG Cebu made sure that the topics in this event are geared towards that! You can expect topics that promotes sustainability and usage in the future as well as talks that is in the trend or will be in trend as our field in technology progresses. 

Other topics in the event include machine learning, artificial intelligence, web and mobile design, cloud, and software development. There will also be a workshop for deep learning.

World Class Speakers!

As in every GDG Event, they will always provide top notch speakers in their specific area of expertise. They will be flying speakers across countries in APAC: like Cambodia, Israel and Singapore to name a few.

Aside from international speakers, they also have the cream of the crop local speakers in the country who will share their knowledge and skills to all our participants.

Happy 10th Anniversary, GDG Cebu!

This event coincides with GDG Cebu’s 10th anniversary! They will be celebrating its decade of existence in providing an avenue for developers to learn and grow together. Known for its big events, this year’s DevFest Cebu is focused in giving quality environment for all it’s audience. 

Register NOW at devfest.gdgcebu.org in order for you to experience the future!
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