Social Media Toxicity: Can We Change This?

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Social media used to be a great place to share stuff. These days, it has become one of the most toxic places ever. Because of our ever increasing dependence of it, people now use it to manipulate elections. They also use it to excessively voice out their opinion (even though it’s pointless). More and more public figures are starting to realize this and sometimes go out of their way to explain or clarify what they said. Personally, I hate what I’m seeing in social media today. Ads and promotions are a given. It sucks though when people feel entitled to say whatever they want. They feel they can say it whenever they want to. This didn’t exist when we NEEDED to talk to people in person. We would filter ourselves first before saying it. Thanks to the comfort of the keyboard, we feel like we’re invincible. It’s like we can do no wrong and always be in the right.

Using social media isn’t excuse to be a douchebag / jerk / a**hole.

For instance, check out a tweet from Camie Juan: (one of my recent inspirations for thoughtful conversations) https://twitter.com/camiejuan/status/1028306109491236865 I can’t believe that we are making A BIG DEAL with JUST. THREE. WORDS. Yes, she made a reaction to a recently launched makeup brand (Sunnies Face). It doesn’t really warrant an irrational reaction like “You’re so toxic” and the like. I really don’t get why people assume things like that right away. Good thing I found a concise yet for real guide on how not to be a douchebag online: (Thanks for this, Isa!)
At a time when stuff online is suddenly flooded with a lot of reality, we should make sure to not yap a lot of nonsense. I have to admit that I do so sometimes and I regret doing it. Currently, I’m doing my best to say what I feel but be respectful about it. I just hope everyone else online will strive to be responsible of their words online.

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3 thoughts on “Social Media Toxicity: Can We Change This?

  1. Well, you should have added the following considerations that we should definitely take note of:

    Facebook – Here’s an update that my family will see.
    Instagram – Perfect photos, captions that don’t need to match. Basta maganda siya!
    Twitter – Everyone is angry and offended. A woke community of hyper and sometimes pseudoactivists na mga keyboard warrior lang naman talaga.

    The good thing about social media is that people can share whatever want to. Sadly, it’s also what makes it worse.

  2. Hi Julls.. Same feeling for this matter before. I realized that social media world is not really matters to me this days. Somehow I used it for my creative promotions and ignore those toxic people particularly with start with letter M.. ????? I hope you can see the brighter side of social media and keep posting the things that you love.. I know it’s tech and gadget… The real world is the best place to fit in. Sad but transparent.. I keep myself inspire because I met you, c3, blogger friends, and of coarse… my creations.

    Let’s move forward and spread positivity ang good energy.. We are Creators..

  3. I see this almost every day and sadly some come from friends and family. What to do? Give more love! Inspite and despite of, there are more people who bring the world joy, they just don’t post it on social media. ?
    Happy birthday!

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