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Geekkery: Gadgets That Unleash Your Inner Geek!

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Do you still use charging cables that come with your phone? I sure don’t anymore! As much as I know that Apple products are made with high quality, their charging cables really aren’t. Within a year of use, I already broke it! Because of that bad experience, I constantly buy Lightning cables from accessory makers like Belkin or Anker. What sucks is that both of their products are pricey. Not everyone can afford to buy charging cables from those brands all the time though. This is why Poundit.com thought of Geekkery!

What on Earth is Geekkery?

Geekkery is basically Poundit’s baby. It’s a collection of gadgets and accessories made with love! This will be filled with a variety of stuff that fits our needs as geeks made by geeks! Since they just popped up months ago, they started with charging cables! I’m here to show you what they’re offering today!

Denim Cables!

Their first collection of charging cables is the Denim collection! It’s actually made of denim, the same material you see mostly in jeans! This collection is actually my favorite of the bunch and the feel really fits the mood of a charging cable. It feels as dependable as your everyday jeans. This collection comes in 3 colors: Shanghai Red, Manila Blue, and Berlin Black!

The three colors of the Geekkery Denim collection: Shanghai Red, Manila Blue, Berlin Black

I personally use a Manila Blue Lightning Denim cable as my usual charging cable for my iPhone and it’s been great so far!

Light ’em Up!

Next up is their ILAO collection! In case you didn’t notice, the charging cables in this collection ACTUALLY LIGHT UP! You can see the lights whenever you charge your device! (Unless you’re in broad daylight, of course…) This just means you can see where your phone is just by looking at the cable! They offer this kind in four colors: Shibuya Blue, Kowloon Red, Nanjing Green, and Vegas White!

Feeling Classy? Get This…

If you’re looking for a classier accessory, go for a cable in the PELLE collection! It’s made of leather, so you get a better feel than most third party cables that are double the price! This collection has the most variety of colors! They are: Venice Green, Tuscany Blue, Orvieto Brown, Florence Pink, Milan White, and Grosseto Purple! I’m sure your parents would love one of these!

A One Tough Cookie!

This is their newest cable in the lineup: the Camo cable! It may come in just one color (Sahara Green) but there’s a fitting reason for that: it’s a nylon braided cable! This means that this cable can withstand tough environments!

Why Should You Go For Geekkery Cables?

If looks didn’t convince you to get them, here are other reasons why you should:

  • They are REALLY AFFORDABLE! (Denim and Camo cables are P449 each; ILAO and Pelle cables are P549 each)
  • All kinds of cables come in Lightning, Micro USB, and USB Type C versions! No need to get all up in arms about this!
  • You get FREE SHIPPING when buying these cables! (You normally need to have a minimum purchase of P1,000 in Poundit.com to avail of that.)

I can honestly say that these cables are the coolest looking I’ve seen ever! Best of all, these are products from Poundit.com, a proudly Pinoy tech shopping site! They told me that this is just the beginning: they’ll eventually put out other products that are fitting to be in Geekkery! What are YOU waiting for? If you need a charging cable that’s unique and proudly Pinoy, go for Geekkery!

“Started from the bottom, now we’re geeks.”

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