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The 7 People That Should Go to BAI City Con!

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It’s 2018. We’re living in a world where social media can make a change. Toys R Us does not exist. Amazon basically dominates thanks to online shopping. Apple and Google rule the mobile landscape with iOS and Android. We can’t be away from our phones for more than an hour these days. More and more people go for freelance work. We have to admit that the digital age isn’t coming. IT IS HERE. Despite that, businesses in Cebu and the VisMin region in the Philippines still don’t get this. They might know about Facebook, but they don’t know the true power that it offers. This is why the Republic Group of Companies (RGC for short) created BAI City Con.
(from left to right) David Jones Cua (Executive Creative Director of RGC), Bea Alfar Evardone (COO of RGC), Theresa “Ganzo” Sederiosa (Cebu City Economics and Business Development Consultant), Nannette Arbon (Assistant Regional Director, DTI Region 7), Maan Briones-Ting (Resource Mobilization, Bai City Con)

What is BAI City Con?

BAI City Conference (BAI City Con) is a 3-day conference that focuses on shaking up the thinking and the mindset of the creative industry and business sector in the VisMin market. It’ll basically push everyone to shift to digital! It’ll consist of main talks, fireside chats, and even a chance to talk to the speakers of the conference! This is a great opportunity for those who plan to have a digital-first mindset. Here are 7 people that should take advantage of this wonderful conference.

7 People That SHOULD Go To BAI City Con


Currently, the biggest market for any type of goods/services is the millennial market. (I myself am a millennial.) Sometimes, the best people that can serve this market are those who are millennials themselves!

School Reps/Administrators

Schools may be aware of what social media is but they probably don’t use it to its fullest potential. One advantage of attending BAI City Con would be knowing what could be better than what schools are doing today. This can help in creating a curriculum for a new breed of students or new kinds of jobs in schools.

Government Officials

I’m glad to see that the Cebu City Government and DTI support this conference. This goes to show that the government is willing to support any endeavor to help businesses to go digital. That being said, I think government officials should at least attend this event in order to create new programs that are geared towards digitizing the country.

Business Owners

This event is really aimed at small to medium business owners who need a competitive edge or an additional strategic advantage. This is also for those business owners who do not understand or isn’t aware of what going digital really means. BAI City Con aims to make the rest of the Philippines know and take advantage of going digital.

People in Startups

There are times when people in startups are in a pinch and searching for answers online isn’t enough. General trends are out there but those specific to the VisMin region is fairly scarce. Maybe you can ask some tips from the speakers at BAI City Con and get some ideas from there.

Content Creators

Are you an independent blogger, video creator, or a social media specialist? You may not need the basics that are in BAI City Con, but you could surely use some advice from the speakers. You can even listen to other facets of being in the digital space. It really isn’t easy to fly solo, so being in the same atmosphere with other people can really help.


The fact that you read this article means that you are interested in what this conference has to offer! There’s really no event like it in the VisMin region. If you have the chance to go, take advantage of their early bird offerings and get your tickets NOW! More information on the speakers and tickets are at www.baicity.ph!

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