Her GadgetMatch and the Importance of Lifestyle Tech

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As much as we don’t want to admit, guys were the main target of tech companies. Back then, guys would always show off their latest gadgets. Thanks to smartphones and selfies, tech is now for everyone! In fact, women became the bigger demographic for new tech! (I’m not even talking about selfie sticks here!) I rarely see websites that focus on all the stuff coming out for that segment though. (Yes, there’s BuzzFeed, but it’s more of a pop culture site than a full on tech site.) It’s a good thing one website took notice. Enter Her GadgetMatch.

What is Her GadgetMatch?

It’s a section of the whole GadgetMatch website dedicated to lifestyle tech! Anything from gorgeous new colors of smartphones to vacuum cleaners! (Yes, they did a feature on Dyson’s new vacuum cleaner!) You actually find way more interesting tech than usual in this section than even the main page! (Normal tech coverage gets boring sometimes.) It’s the brainchild of Isa Rodriguez, the resident Lifestyle Editor and Social Media Princess of GadgetMatch! (I am super fortunate to feature her on my blog! Check it out here!) I really appreciate on the focus of how a certain gadget looks and feels. It’s also great that they focus on certain aspects that regular reviewers may miss sometimes. (Beauty modes, filters, and stickers are examples of that.)

Why Focus on Lifestyle Tech?

Well, the hardcore techie audience isn’t enough to sell products. You’d have to convince A LOT of people outside that bubble to make your product popular. For instance, the iPod became the most successful mp3 player at the time due to its mass market appeal. It didn’t have to satisfy the hardcore techies a lot. (Although their recommendation really helped Apple push the iPod to its greatness.) Without the iPod’s success, I don’t think we’ll get the iPhone at all.

What’s The Difference?

Here’s an example:
There’s more than meets the eye ? Posted by GadgetMatch on Friday, June 29, 2018
This is a fairly standard review. There might be some parts about its looks but it’s usually an overall assessment of the phone. It may also be for people who are really tech savvy.
A new color for OnePlus fans! ? Posted by Her GadgetMatch on Monday, July 2, 2018
Now look at this post and article. It basically focuses on the fact that there’s a RED OnePlus 6! (I for one, would want one so bad!) You really don’t need much more explanation than that!
Even the videos they make for Her GadgetMatch really fits the aesthetic they’re going for!
Hands-on with the Instax SQ10 We got our hands on the newest Instax camera! ?Who would you take photos with? ? Posted by Her GadgetMatch on Thursday, June 28, 2018
I really REALLY love what they’re doing in this cool and fun section of GadgetMatch. It’s a different fun take on how people should look at tech. They aren’t just something we use as tools anymore. They are things of beauty and desire. In a world where pretty gadgets are EVERYWHERE, it’s a good thing that Her GadgetMatch is here to spot all those and more!
You can check out the Her GadgetMatch section over at her.gadgetmatch.com!
Her GadgetMatch section! You can also check out their cute photos on Instagram! @hergadgetmatch 😀 Her GadgetMatch on Instagram! I’m so happy that everyone can enjoy tech equally today! Whether you’re the hardcore techie who looks at specs all day or just someone who wants a beautiful gadget, there’s something for everyone! We can all get along now!

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2 thoughts on “Her GadgetMatch and the Importance of Lifestyle Tech

  1. The IG feed of hergadgetmatch is stunning! So the domain is basically a redirect to a specific category in Gadget Match site. It’s a good start for the tech blog world is dominated by men. It’s time for us women to be heard too. HEHE!

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