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I recently got something from the mail. I knew it was something from Promate but I didn’t know what item I would get. When I got the item in the mail (in a weird and peculiar way), this is what I got:

Promate PowerHub 4 - Box
It might not be what I expected, but it’s great nonetheless.

It’s the Promate PowerHub 4! This is basically a high capacity power adapter for mobile devices. It can give out up to 6.8A of current to charge your phone, powerbank, and any other gadget that charges through USB. I know this sounds so common these days, but let me explain its strengths and weaknesses.



The Promate PowerHub 4 has two major strengths in its belt. You see that there are 4 types of plug attachments in the photo up there. Its first strength is the fact that you can use the various plug attachments. I’m happy that they included the common plugs in the box: US, UK, EU, and Australian! I mostly used the US one since we use it here in the Philippines.

More Power for Your Gadgets!

Another strength of this gadget is that the USB ports are divided into two sets. You have 2 USB ports with 2.4A output, and 2 USB ports with 1A output. Devices that support 2.4A include recent iPhones (iPhone 6 – iPhone X), iPads, and high capacity powerbanks. All other devices like pocket WiFis will work fine with the 1A-output USB port. Unless you have a lot of flagship phones, this adapter will work for you just fine.


Those Plugs are Hard (to Pull out)!

Despite the flexibility of having many plug attachments, I had a hard time putting one on and removing it. I really found it odd that they couldn’t make it easier on the users to attach and remove the plugs. I hope that they improve on this in the next version.

Kinda Flimsy.

If you’re the type of person who tends to use all 4 ports at once, then prepare yourself. The device tends to be loose when plugged in. It may cause some problems when charging your gadgets. This is really a minor thing and is true for many other power adapters as well.

Final Thoughts

Despite my  gripes with the plug attachments, I think the Promate PowerHub 4 is a solid power adapter. It can charge devices faster with the 2.4A output at the same time you can charge your pocket WiFi with the 1A output. At P1,495, it’s well worth what it offers you. Those plug attachments don’t come cheap at all, so having them out of the box is great! Availability won’t be a problem as well since you can get it at all Silicon Valley outlets nationwide.

What do YOU think of the Promate PowerHub 4? Do you even care about multi-port power adapters? Let me know in the comments below!

About Promate

Promate is a digital lifestyle electronic accessory brand focused on delivering the most specialized and original electronic peripheral solutions for Smartphones, Tablets & laptops. Incorporated in the year 2008 and headquartered in Dubai, Promate Technologies has grown to become one of the largest & most awarded provider of accessories for portable devices and digital media. Globally, Promate has a huge market presence in Europe (United Kingdom, Russia, Romania, Germany, Turkey), Middle East (United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar), South America (Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru), Asia (India, Vietnam, Philippines), Australia & South Africa just to name a few.

Website: www.promate.ph
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