Mi Powerbank 2 Unboxing!

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Xiaomi really DOES make a lot of products! Thanks to Mi Stores being in the Philippines, more people are aware of other Xiaomi products. Heck, there’s even a list of all those products from GadgetMatch HERE! With that in mind, I recently got a new powerbank from Xiaomi. Since I live in Cebu, I don’t get to go to a Mi Store near me. I ordered one online and the model I got a Mi Powerbank 2. It makes me curious how a new powerbank from Xiaomi would be like. Without further ado, here’s my Mi Powerbank 2 unboxing!

Mi Powerbank 2 Unboxing!

The Mi Powerbank 2 is one of the newest powerbanks that Xiaomi offers. There are other models to choose from. I chose this model because it has more than enough battery to charge my iPhone (around 3-4 times, I think). Before I go any further, let’s take a look on what’s inside the box! It’s basically just the powerbank itself, some manuals, and a short micro USB cable for charging. It surprises me that no company that makes powerbanks actually include a wall adapter. I don’t think they considered a scenario where you don’t have a power adapter with you but you need to charge your powerbank. You carry the powerbank more than that adapter if you want to charge your phone on the go. Oh well. It’s something that a company like Xiaomi can cut costs on.

First Impressions

The Mi Powerbank 2 keeps the same aluminum feel that the previous Xiaomi powerbanks had. It’s slightly shorter and thinner than the old Mi Powerbank (right). The wider body of the Mi Powerbank 2 makes it less friendly in the hand. That doesn’t make it less useful though. On the top of the powerbank is one USB output port, one microUSB input port, LED indicators, and a power button. In comparison, my old Mi Powerbank had 2 USB output ports. I barely use both at the same time though, so it’s not really a big deal to just have one of them here. Take note that it has no charge when getting it from the box. You have to charge the Mi Powerbank 2 first before you can use it. Another thing that’s nice with this 10000 mAh Mi Powerbank 2 is that I can safely put it in my pocket along with my iPhone! Yes there’s a noticeable bump but it’s nothing I can’t manage. Since I just got the Mi Powerbank 2, I haven’t really used it a lot. I’ll get back to you in a full review. I want to show you how many times I can charge my iPhone X with the Mi Powerbank 2.

Where to Buy

Mi Powerbank 2 unboxing - mi powerbank 2 and 2c Not only did I get the Mi Powerbank 2 for myself, I also got a Mi Powerbank 2C for my girlfriend! The former costs P649 while the latter costs P940! You could buy it at the aforementioned Mi Store. If you’re looking for it online, you can go to Poundit.comThey sell a lot of stuff that techies (and non-techies alike) will surely love! From powerbanks to the latest smartphones, you are sure to get authentic and quality tech items! Use my promo code URT100 at checkout to get a P100 discount when you buy at least P1000 at Poundit.com! What do you think of powerbanks? Do you own one? If not, I think this powerbank is one I should consider. Do you agree? Let me know in the comments below!

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