OPPO A83 Unboxing and First Impressions!

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OPPO is on a roll right now! They launched the F5 last year along with two other F5 models (F5 Youth, and F5 6GB). For their first salvo of 2018, OPPO decided to put out a budget smartphone with two of the F5’s best features. For P9,995, you can get a full-screen display and the AI Beauty technology in an OPPO smartphone.

Enter the OPPO A83.

OPPO A83 unboxing intro

Given OPPO’s recent history in the Philippines, this is surely a top budget pick to consider. I am most certainly curious with the two features that they really touted. At this point, most phone makers already have their take on a bezel-less display. I wonder if both features got a significant downgrade thanks to the lower price point. We’ll see as I use this phone a lot. Without further ado, here’s my OPPO A83 unboxing and first impressions!

The OPPO A83 Unboxing!

OPPO A3 contents (from left to right, top to bottom) Manuals, OPPO A83, jelly case, 2A wall charager, micro USB cable, earphones

Most smartphones don’t have a lot of stuff inside the box these days. I appreciate phone makers like OPPO that include a jelly case in the box. Other than that, it’s your usual standard stuff in the box of the OPPO A83.

First Impressions

OPPO A83 unboxing (Champagne color at the back)

The color of the phone that I got is Champagne. I like how it gives an impression of pink while being subtle. I also like how clean the back looks. Some phones have a lot going on at the back sometimes. I even think it’s actually better to put a case on it. You don’t need to put one on the A83 but it already has one if you want to. Here’s what the phone looks like with the included jelly case:

OPPO A83 unboxing (with jelly case)

It actually makes me like the phone less though, so I’m going caseless.

The OPPO A83 has two SIM slots and a microSD card slot! This is really convenient especially for those who need two numbers and more storage. I also was surprised on how long the slot tray is. Good on OPPO for letting us have more options.

That Screen…

The screen is really pretty and pleasing to my eyes. It really helps that the front of the phone is ~90% screen. The chin is okay since I use that space mostly for the gestures. Speaking of gestures, I disabled the software buttons so that I’ll only use gestures. They’re okay for the most part but let’s see if I’ll stick to it. I’ll check back on that during the full review.

I’ve been taking shots with the OPPO A83 as soon as I got out of the house! So far, the camera on the OPPO A83 took good photos. I won’t be showing any sample photos for now since I’m currently testing it with different scenarios. What can I say right now? After doing the OPPO A83 unboxing, I first took shots with HDR on. The effect is decent for the most part. I’ll let you guys know whether HDR is good all-around in the full review.

OPPO A83 unboxing

So far, I’m enjoying the OPPO A83! Even with some hiccups (like failed face unlock attempts), I think I’ll enjoy my time with it. I actually put my main SIM in this phone. In this way, I can give a better sense of how I feel about the phone on its own merits. Of course, I can’t help but compare this with the daily driver I had for more than a year: the iPhone 7. Don’t worry about that! I’ll make sure that my verdict is based on its own merits.

That is it for my OPPO A83 unboxing and first impressions! What would you want to see in the full review? Do you want me to compare this with other budget phones that recently came out? Let me know in the comments below!

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