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AirPods Unboxing and First Impressions!

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I’ve had the iPhone 7 for more than a year now. One aspect that I really didn’t mind after really using it is a loss of the headphone jack. I really like having the freedom of not having wires dangling below me. Despite the usual hassles of Bluetooth, I really enjoy using my Major II Bluetooth headphones! I just don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have a carrying case or at least a pouch! My old Major II headphones broke because of that reason. Good thing Apple thought of it already when making the iPhone 7. Last September 2016, they announced the AirPods. More than a year after its release, I finally got them. Here’s my AirPods unboxing and first impressions!

airpods unboxing and first impressions

The AirPods Unboxing Experience.

Nothing much, really. I appreciate just how simple the AirPods unboxing experience is. All it has is the AirPods with their Charging Case and the manuals. I think the packaging could be smaller but considering the manual contents, it’s okay. I also irrationally love how small the box is. (UPDATE: I recently watched an AirPods unboxing video and they found a Lightning cable inside! Yes, there is one in the box. Sorry for the mistake!)

Like most Apple products, the AirPods are fairly easy to unbox. It just feels like unboxing most Apple devices. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

First Impressions

When I first held the AirPods, the size surprised me A LOT. The case itself is REALLY TINY! If you’re the kind of person who tends to lose small things, this is one of the things you can lose. I really don’t know why Apple keeps on using white for their accessories. I’m sure that I’m not the only one clamoring for black Apple accessories! I really DO NOT want to spend $5000 just to get a Space Gray Lightning cable. That’s really crazy to me! I wish they would start matching the accessories with the iPhone’s color. I think it would make Apple accessories way more interesting than it is now.

If there’s one thing that really impressed me with the AirPods, it’s the setup. It actually took me ONLY 10 seconds! It’s really amazing how far we’ve come with wireless technology! It also helps that Apple added the W1 chip to complement Bluetooth. The W1 chip enables this seamless setup with any iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 or later. It also works with Macs and Apple TVs through iCloud. I already tried using AirPods with my MacBook Air. I’ll reserve my full judgment on how the connection goes in my full review.

It’s also nice to see how much battery the AirPods AND the Charging Case has simply by opening the case. You can use AirPods in different ways: using both of them or just one AirPod. The iPhone can automatically detect which AirPod you are using thanks to that sweet W1 chip.

Gripes so Far…

One gripe I currently have with them is how often it catches dirt when I put the case in my left jeans pocket. This may seem like a minor thing. You won’t even mind until you realize that you couldn’t charge your AirPods due to dust! I know, I know. I may sound super OC, but it happens with the iPhone’s Lightning port.

I’ve also had other experiences in the various places where I used the AirPods. Despite how long I want this post to be, I’ll just keep them close to the chest for the full review.

That’s it for my AirPods unboxing and first impressions! Do you like what you see here so far? Have you closed your mind to the idea of truly wireless earphones? Are you still pissed at Apple for ditching the headphone jack? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! Watch out for my full review!

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