Globe User Council x Frontline Council Meetup!

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The customer is always first.

This is the inspiration behind the Globe User Council and Globe Frontline Council. Because of Globe’s commitment to improving their overall customer service, Globe made those two groups. The User Council aims to let Globe users have some say on the products and services that Globe has. It applies not only to current ones, but also ones that we might see in the future! The Frontline Council consists of a group of representatives who are basically responding to all the 211 calls of Globe! They are each other’s support system and they find ways to make their services better!

Thanks to all the efforts of both Councils, Globe decided to hold an Appreciation Party in A SPACE Cebu that also acts as a meetup!

The bad part is that I was late in arriving to this event! It really sucked but I had no choice because work was really important at the time. Despite all that, I had a great time! There were nice people and we all had great conversations! Whether it’s about Globe products or just about anything under the sun, the talk was GREAT!

When I arrived, they were currently in a trivia game! It was mostly about Globe products and services. It just so happened that the winning team was where I was sitting! Good for me! I didn’t take any prize though. I took their pictures instead!

After all that jazz, we ate delicious dinner and talked some more! The conversations were really worthwhile as most of the people there understand in some way how Globe’s products work! Hehe.

Before the event ended, they gave us a little token of appreciation!

Find out in my vlog as to what this is! Will update this with the link. 🙂

All in all, the event itself is fun! I got to interact with different people who use Globe’s services. To be honest, there are some similarities! (We’re mostly tech savvy.) I’m so glad to be a part of the Globe User Council! We were WAY WAY fewer last year during their Couch and Chips event. Good thing the User Council community got bigger since then! Now I have another set of people to talk to about anything Globe or tech!

The fun didn’t stop there though! After the event ended, Wellbein (of Tech Box PH), Neil Ross, Junnel, and I had a little chitchat with some of the people behind the Globe User Council! It didn’t stop at being in A SPACE though. We actually went to The Pyramid in Cebu IT Park and talked some more!

After Hours?

We didn’t stick to talking about Globe stuff though. It was fun talking about anything under the sun! Before we got in, we had a chitchat about Cebu since there were first-timers in the group. We even talked about how similar IT Park is with Bonifacio Global City.

The fun did not stop there! While we were inside, we actually took a lot more photos than we should! Here’s the ones I could post here:

(To be honest, I REALLY REALLY REALLY like the 0917 lifestyle collection! Check it out through the Globe shop!)

(They really look cute here. Hahahaha)

I’m really glad that they had fun taking these shots AND talking with us. Despite those drinks and randomness, we sure had a great time! I hope they come back again next year. Hopefully it’ll be during Sinulog time so that it will be a way more fun vibe!

Thank you so so much to Arnel, Arbin, and the rest of the Globe people who came to Cebu! It really means a lot to us Cebuano members of both the Globe User Council and Frontline Council that you spared some of your time for us! Until the next one!

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10 thoughts on “Globe User Council x Frontline Council Meetup!

  1. Hurray! Nice article. I always trust Globe Telecom since 2013. I am very satisfied with their services, especially in mobile internet. The 0917 shirt was so nice. Can you grab 1 shirt for me? hahaha just kidding. Good read on this article, Julls! Nice job! 🙂

  2. hala ka na late! Haha peace!

    It is a relief that Globe is doing their best to improve their customer service. Even though I am a Smart and PLDT user, I am always in awe of Globe’s products and services.

  3. I’ve been a globe user since the very beginning. My first phone# was a 0917 through a nokia 5110. Now Im an iphone globe user as well with also a 0917 number hahahaha Globe should give me a loyalty award or something!

  4. I can be called a die-hard Globe user. Globe sa lahat ng bagay. LOL. Good to know they’re making ways to improve their customer service. It’s not always the best but when I get a good rep over the phone, I rejoice. PS: I like the 0917 shirt!

  5. And yes! I am sointerested happy to see you there as well HAHAHAHA. I was really hopong that naa koy kaila sa event hahha. This initiative js very useful. as users, we get to finally express what we want toto express and this is one avenue for us, users to be heard. #GlobeForever

  6. The shirt is nice….

    Well, I have ditched Globe when we moved in Consolacion but I was a die hard subscriber for 5 years. Yes, their CS s*cks but their onsite response is quite good compared to PLDT. Its good to know they find ways to improve their CS team.

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