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In the Philippines, nothing much happens in terms of cars. We pretty much have more problems than innovations. Despite that, I think cars are getting more interesting again. Car makers pretty much shove as much technology as they can. Not all of them are honestly good. We even tend to forget With that in mind, there are trends in car tech that excite me a lot!

Here are my top 5 car technology trends:

Electric Motors

top 5 car technology trends - electric motors

Thanks to how limited and hazardous fossil fuels really are, the industry gears toward electric cars. Tesla leads the charge thanks to their full lineup of electric cars. To be honest, I really like the Model S and how it looks. I hope more electric cars are on the road before pollution becomes unbearable.

Self-Driving Cars

top 5 car technology trends - self-driving cars

No matter how many people perform car seat checks, there will always be a chance for human error. Alphabet (through its subsidiary, Waymo) and other tech companies are really pushing for self-driving cars. They’re still rough around the edges and this still has to go through a lot of discussion. I just hope we don’t end up with Skynet.

Cellular Connectivity

Yes, I’m talking about the same thing that lets you surf the web on your phone. Of the Top 5 Car Technology Trends, this one for me is the most interesting. Imagine a world where your car can communicate with another car and can avoid accidents? This is what cellular connections give. Although LTE isn’t sufficient for this to happen, maybe 5G technology can.

Autonomous Driving

Most self-driving cars that exist today still fall back to relying on a driver. Eventually, we will reach a point where we really don’t need to think about the driver anymore. The car can already predict and go to where we need to go without even touching the steering wheel whatsoever.

Big Data in the Car

Thanks to the needs of the self-driving car, we need a LOT of data. In order to do that, we need Big Data. Without all that data, it would be so difficult to do the other technologies that we want to put in the car. Hopefully 5G and Big Data can help us improve the car experience.

And there you have it, my top 5 car technology trends! Did I miss anything? Am I way off-base? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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