Marshall Major II Bluetooth First Impressions!

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I was really happy with my Marshall Major II headphones. Despite breaking its hinges, I still managed to enjoy the great sound that comes out of them! With smartphones having NO headphone jacks like the iPhone 7, I need new wireless headphones! Then I thought to myself, “Why not get the Major II Bluetooth?”

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So here we are! After months of trying to save up for this, I finally got one! Here’s my Marshall Major II Bluetooth First Impressions!

First Impressions

I’m not going to delve deep about what the Major II has to offer. You can check out my unboxing of the wired version on the blog! Instead, I’m going to cover the main differences between the wired version and this one.

First off, the Major II Bluetooth only comes in one color: Black. Unlike the sort of rugged headband feel that the Pitch Black wired Major II had, the Black version has a smooth headband. The Marshall Major II Bluetooth also has the gold trim on the “Left” and “Right” labels.

What I really liked about the wired Major II headphones is the presence of TWO headphone jacks! Because of all the additional stuff needed for doing Bluetooth headphones, I think they removed the other headphone jack for that. Instead, the Major II Bluetooth has one headphone jack in case you run out of battery (as shown below). The power button and the microUSB port are on the sides of the headphone jack for easy access with your right hand.

On the left earcup of the headphones is the volume and music controls button. I like the concept of how it works. You press on it to Play/Pause your music. You tilt it to the left to go to the previous track, tilt to the right for the next track. To change the volume, you tilt the button up and down. I’ll check back with you guys in the full review to see if the button will get loose over time.

Battery Claims!

Marshall Headphones claims that the Major II Bluetooth has a 30-hour battery life. I have yet to test how fast I can drain these headphones. I’ll also let you know about that in the full review. So far, it’s looking pretty good for potential wireless headphones buyers.

That is all for my Marshall Major II Bluetooth first impressions! What else do you want to know about the Major II Bluetooth? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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