Cherry Prepaid has Good News for Cebuanos!

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Remember those days when we were all using the same prepaid service? It was a really nice thing because we could basically text anyone since it was so popular. Nowadays, people are now using the internet as a means to connect with other people. So far, mobile internet is very expensive and out of reach from most people. I know that the incumbent Philippine telcos Globe and Smart are trying their very best to reach a lot of people but it still isn’t enough.

I was so glad to find out that there’s one company trying to really make a dent: Cherry Mobile. They have always made a point to bring out the best combination of a great smartphone experience with a knack for affordability. Last year, they made a partnership with Globe Telecom to start a prepaid service. With the dedication to bring affordable internet, call, and text services to the masses, Cherry Mobile launched Cherry Prepaid!

After a successful launch in Manila, Cherry Prepaid is now showing the love to us Cebuanos by bringing us phone bundles and offers that are exclusive to Cebu! They shared to us the good news at their media event in Café Georg last week and I’m here to show them to you!

Cherry Prepaid Phone Bundles!

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A representative of Cherry Prepaid explaining to us the phone bundles that are exclusive to Cebu!

Cherry Prepaid is offering three new phone bundles that is EXCLUSIVE to Cebu! Each phone bundle has its corresponding BONUS you can enjoy when you buy a certain amount of load! All phone bundles shown here include the Cherry Prepaid SIM. Here are the phone bundles that they’re offering and the equivalent BONUS:

Lite Bundle 2.0 (P399)

This bundle has the Cherry Mobile CP2 bar phone. It’s a bundle for people who just want a simple phone to text and call with. The bonus you get is BONUS CALL 120. You get FREE 60 mins. of TRI-NET calls (Calls to Cherry Prepaid, Globe, and TM) per month for 12 months and an additional 60 mins. when you load P20 per month for 12 months. This means you get up to 120 minutes of TRI-NET calls/month for 12 months!

Big Time Bundle 2.0 (P996)

This one has the Cherry Mobile Comet smartphone. This bundle is for people who want a basic smartphone for chat apps and Facebook browsing. You get BONUS SURF 350 with this bundle. It has FREE 100MB data/month for 12 months PLUS an additional 250MB data when you load P50 a month for 12 months. With this bundle, you get a total of 350MB/month for 12 months FREE!

J1s Bundle (P1,996)

This bundle has a Cherry Mobile Flare J1s, a new Android smartphone that’s not even out in the rest of the Philippines! (as far as I can tell) The specs include:

  • 1.2GHz quad-core processor
  • 5″ capacitive touch screen
  • Dual SIM and 3G ready
  • 5MP BSI rear camera & 2MP front camera
  • 1GB RAM
  • 8GB internal storage
  • microSD card support up to 32GB

With this bundle, you get BONUS SURF 600. It has FREE 100MB data/month for 12 months like the BONUS SURF 350. The difference here is that if you load P100/month, you get an additional 500MB which is also for 12 months! You get a total of 600MB/month for 12 months FREE!

Whichever bundle you pick, you are sure to get the best bang for your buck. You will appreciate the bundles even more when you find out about their exclusive promo for Cebu.


That’s right! Cherry Prepaid is giving ALL subscribers in Cebu FREE calls and texts for 3 months! Isn’t that cool? All you have to do is text CPFREE to 1236! You must have P10 balance upon registration. Registration for this promo is until December 31, 2016 so you have a lot of time to get on this!

If you just wanna try out the service, you can always get a Cherry Prepaid SIM from Cherry Mobile stores and partners for just P29. You can already avail of the FREE calls and texts with just the SIM!

With all this news that I shared to you, I hope that you consider going for Cherry Prepaid! I believe in the vision that Cherry Mobile CEO Maynard S. Ngu set out to accomplish.

“As Cherry Mobile finally reaches our dream of valuing everyone’s lifestyle through providing the best of mobile experience, we cannot help but dream some more. We will, in every way possible, continue to provide real and affordable innovation that will greatly benefit the majority, and not just the few,” he said.

If you want a prepaid service that gives you the best bang for your buck, then go with Cherry Prepaid! As they say, when you are part of the service, you are known as “Ka-Cher”! Hehehe. It sounds cheesy, but it works for them!

Are you planning on purchasing one of the phone bundles or just the SIM? What are your thoughts on Cherry Prepaid? Sound off in the comments below!

20 thoughts on “Cherry Prepaid has Good News for Cebuanos!

  1. The exclusivity is real! Did you know that cellular services began in the Philippines during the 1960’s? Since then, cellular services have grown exponentially by expanding from voice to text to mobile internet. It’s a relatively slow progress as compared to the US, but still we’ve come a long way.

  2. Hi mga fellow Ka-Cher! Hahahaha. But seriously though. I’m really looking forward to see the competition heat up among the current providers here. Let’s see who wins the hearts (and pockets) of the Filipinos! 😀

  3. Let’s be textmates then! I seriously want to use Cherry Prepaid and see how it compares with other sims. I’m excited with all the promos available. I’m going to cut my postpaid plan soon so I’m gonna check out Cherry as an option.

  4. Amazing budget friendly packages offered by Cherry Prepaid. Cebuanos are always known for being frugal, this is a competitive offer along with the other packages from different telecoms.

  5. Kacher kacher kacher na! Yay! They are here in Cebu with good offerings, I hope Cebuanos could see the value of the offers, as I am really seeing potentials of Cherry Prepaid in the market.

  6. Considering the target audience of Cherry i think they are really a doing a good job in getting the masses to move to using a smartphones. My only concern with them is the consistency of the update of their OS. I mean there are just using a stock rom how difficult could it be… thoughts?

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