Day 1: Surprise Learning!

digitalpro surprise learning

This post is part of a series of posts I am doing for the DigitalPro Bootcamp organized by the Cebu Blogging Community (www.cebublogging.community) in partnership with eStrat Media (www.estratmedia.com/digitalpro), Global Hub Serviced Offices (www.globalhub.ph), and Globe Prepaid (www.globe.com.ph/prepaid). Watch out for posts like this through the entire month of February!

I could just put that title and the header up there and leave it at that but I really wanna tell the story of what happened to me last night and what I’ve learned.

I left work early to go to what I thought was just a simple orientation on the Cebu Blogging Community. When I got there, I got that and then some. The one who gave me the orientation was Bjorn, one of the members who were there. He told me if I could stay for a while to check out what was happening. I was quite curious at the time, so I did.

From there, it was like I was already joining the event that happens to be what I’m talking about right now. I was so overwhelmed as to what was happening that I had to process all of this. It was just my first day and I had the chance to be better. I first hesitated.

I wasn’t sure of myself at the time because I still had to sink this all in. I already knew that I wanted to level up but not this soon. Thankfully, the leaders of the CBC there were considerate because I was able to join despite the fact that I already had prior appointments on one of the dates. I was so grateful to be given the opportunity to grow to be a good professional blogger.

I learned that the only way for you to grow is to just do it. It would be a waste if the opportunity presented itself and I wouldn’t take it just because I was hesitating. I knew that I had to move forward and take this.

Another thing I’ve learned is that you should treat the blog as a reflection of who you are. You should treat the blog not as a blog, but as a BRAND.

Brands don’t come out of nowhere. Building a brand starts by showing what the brand is all about and providing value to your target market. After that comes the key difference between good brands and bad: “word of mouth“. When good word of mouth spreads, people will come to realize the value of the brand and share it to even more people.

I really love it when the stuff I use everyday comes from a brand I know that I can trust. As an example, I have now been converted into the clout that is the Apple ecosystem. Based on testimonies from friends and extensive usage, I can say with confidence that Apple products are reliable and capable enough to serve my needs.

digitalpro surprise learning iphone pic
You really can tell what brand I’m referring to here. Haha.

All in all, I really learned a lot during the first day of the bootcamp. Despite all the surprises, I really had fun with the topics presented and I hope to learn more in the coming sessions. And unlike yesterday, I’m ready to face the challenges head-on.

Here’s to more and more learning!

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