Cebu’s Top Food Blogger? Carlo Olano!

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I love food. If you’ve ever seen me or read some of the posts on this blog, you KNOW that I love food. I’m sure everyone has had a good (or bad) experience with restaurants here in Cebu these days. Some people are patient enough to just shrug the bad stuff away and hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else. Others would even go so far as to posting a 500-word rant on Facebook with pictures! In order for us to know where to go for that next food trip, we always turn to the internet to find recommendations from good people.

After reading some stuff in kalamicebu.com, I suddenly have a list of places to go to for good food in Cebu!

One of the people that I was really amazed during the first day of the DigitalPro Bootcamp was Carlo Olano. I really thought he was so confident at what he was saying that day. He even gave good suggestions to others who had a hard time formulating their one-liners. I was really curious about his blog since that day and decided to check out his blog, kalamicebu.com.

When I read some of his posts, I thought that he really presents the restaurants and their food well. I would sometimes even gasp at how good the food looks! Haha. For me, it’s really important to highlight the food that the restaurant serves and what the experience is. He really does present it in a very nice and tempting way. When I mean tempting, I mean it in a sense that makes me run from my house to those places. Hahaha!

Anyway, one of my favorite posts on his blog so far is the one about his visit to Señor Kimchi. I’ve always wanted to go there but I didn’t know what to expect when visiting there. He really shows the inspiration and history behind the restaurant and what type of food they serve there. He emphasizes the “fusion” aspect of their restaurant by showing the food that represents their concept. It was really informative and now I really wanna go to that restaurant with my girlfriend one of these days.

One more post that actually amused me was his post on how he scored 6 Dozens of Original Glazed Donuts! It’s like one of those moments where you’re there just to cover the opening of Krispy Kreme in SM Seaside City Cebu but suddenly end up participating in the said event and got free donuts! Good thing it wasn’t all at once. I sure hope I could see him holding some donuts so that I could grab one of them! Ahahaha!

It’s actually a good time to go be a foodie since there will be a lot of new restaurants popping up in Cebu especially as SM Seaside continues to showcase more and more of them. As soon as they start opening, you bet that Carlo Olano and Kalami Cebu will help you determine which ones are worth your hard-earned peso. I sure hope I could come along in one of his food trips someday. Looking forward to more of those posts of his that would make me say “Kalami!” 😀

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