Introducing: Coffee Break.

After posting that really random post full of thoughts about coffee shops (check Coffee Break), a thought occurred to me. What if I make a section of my blog dedicated to these random thoughts? They wouldn’t be very very long and they can be about anything from a curious question to any current event happening. Thus I give you: Coffee Break.

What I’m planning for Coffee Break is that I’m going to do these posts twice a week. I don’t wanna put out specific days because it would defeat the purpose of it being about random thoughts. The topic could be anything. It could be about how crappy my day was. It could be about a new law about increasing the TAX EXEMPTION CEILING. (YES.) It could also be about what stupid thing any technology company would do. Basically, it can be about anything under the sun.

By the way, that photo above was taken on the same place where I posted the Coffee Break post. I was trying to code that time but sadly I couldn’t since time was so limited and I was only there just to pass the time while waiting for Shan.

Anyways, I hope you’re gonna like Coffee Break! Who knows? I might doing one after this being posted. Hehe. 😛

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