Coffee Break.

Hey guys. It’s been a long while since I posted something on here. Hehe. I’ve been busy lately but trying to balance my life as a hardworking employee, a good member of the family, and a faithful boyfriend to Shan. (I guess I shouldn’t even try hiding her name. Hehe.) Chinese New Year just hit and I’m just here in a coffee shop chilling. (Seriously, I am. Check the photo.)


I’m here in Coffee Bean in Robinsons Cybergate Cebu right now as I’m typing this post on my phone. It’s insane right? The fact that you can make blog posts on the fly with your phone! Wow. Hehe.

What? You don’t believe me? Check this picture that I just took awhile ago:


Like I said, I’m just chilling here in a coffee shop. I just came from the gym because I needed to cool off and not be at home. Hehe. Now I’m just waiting for Shan to go out for her break so that we can have dinner together. So now I’m here in the coffee shop chilling.

I love the ambience of a coffee shop. It gives you that calming feeling (except Starbucks, but that’s more of an experience than a coffee shop) and you can get stuff done. It also helps that a coffee shop has internet access. Starbucks is an exception because apparently they don’t want their place to get full because of people trying to get internet access (even though it gets full anyway). Good thing Coffee Bean gives you internet access as long as you are a Swirl Card holder. The card may cost like a cup of coffee here (Php 195) but that will seem like nothing in the long run.

Coffee shops actually help me focus on stuff that I want to finish like a programming side project or a blog post. The place really helps you focus.

Anyway, you need proof I’m typing a post on a phone? Here’s a picture:


That’s it for now. Be back with a nice post. I may have to schedule these since it’s gonna get harder to do these without a schedule. Laters!

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