Thank You 2014! :)

This year felt long; longer than most years I’ve had in my life. Despite the hardships I felt this year, all the good things that happened really outweighed all those. I am really grateful for everything that happened to me this year and I hope to use everything I have learned this year to face all those new challenges that 2015 will give me. I wanna thank everyone who made this year a wonderful and enjoyable experience! Here are my messages for everyone I wanna thank. I really love them all so much and appreciate everything that they’ve done. 🙂



I wanna thank this team for all the fun, laughs, multiple amounts of food trips, and lots of karaoke nights! Despite all the hardships that the team faced, all the fun and laughs help ease the stress in the everyday work life. Although some are not in the same team anymore, I hope we can have more and more good times together! Thank you all! 😀 😀


Batch PHP

I love these guys! These are the people that I’ve been with since I started in the company I’m currently working. Even though it’s really hard to gather them for outings, (even to this day! hehe) it’s really nice to hang out with these people! Some of them may not be with us anymore but they’re still part of us! Thank you so much for all the good and bad times guys! I hope we can spend more good times in the coming year!

Thank you Arjay, Auvy, Camille, Casille, Charles, Clyde, Dhong, Erwin, Flora, Harvey, Jayson, Joan, Josha, Jurom, Kim, Krishna, Olibz, Pete, Roy 😀 😀


@NOW Barkada

Despite our busy schedules, we managed to hang out once in a while and talk about stuff that we all care about. I miss them so much (even though most of them are working in the same company as I am). I hope we can all travel together someday. Thank you for all the bonding guys!


Sibi Family

Ahh, my Dad’s side. We’ve never been really close until a recent event calls for us to bond more often. We all hope that we can have a better bond between us cousins in the Sibi family. I wanna be closer to them despite some hesitation before. I love you all and I hope we could get to bond a lot in the years to come. 🙂


Maluya Family

The family that I’ve always been with every Christmas. A lot of changes happened this year but we didn’t let that affect our Christmas spirit. Thank you for all the good and bad moments that you were a part of. I really really hope that we continue the happiness and joy that we have cultivated for 20 years. Thank you very much! 😀


Dad, Mom, Lizette, Lola 🙂

Thank you to the family that I grew up with my whole life. Despite the changes that we’ve experienced this year, we’ve pulled through as one family. I am so happy to be part of a happy family. I love you all! Here’s to more happiness and joy in the years to come. 😀


Shan 🙂

Ever since I met this girl, my outlook when it comes to love changed a lot. She made me realize that love just comes when you least expect it. I really appreciate everything she has done for me. I will do everything I can to keep her safe, take care of her, and love her always. I love you so much baby! Your love and care really changed me and I will always love you. Thank you for coming into my life baby! I love you! :**

And that’s that. I’ve thanked the people closest to me. To those who have been a friend to me this year, thank you! I wish you all a happy new year!

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015! 😀

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