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3 Reasons to Get a Globe iPhone 7!

Jullian Robin Sibi 4

It’s already the holidays and you would want to give a smartphone to a loved one or a true blue techie. Why settle for less when you can get the best?

Were you convinced with my reasons to get a Smart iPhone 7? No? You really want to use Globe or currently invested in the Globe network?

Here are my 3 reasons you should get a Globe iPhone 7!

More Internet Content!

globe iphone 7 content
Globe’s FREE Content Offers for iPhone 7 Buyers! (Photo from Globe Telecom’s website)


Smart may have MORE data with their iPhone 7 Plans (Globe has 10GB for Plan 1999 compared to Smart’s 12GB for the same price) but Globe makes up for it by offering FREE internet content like Netflix for 1 month and NBA for 6 MONTHS! As a recent NBA fan, I am REALLY happy that this offer is out there for NBA fanatics! In fact, those 6 months can let you watch NBA games UNTIL The Finals! (if you get it NOW). If that’s not your thing, there’s always Netflix, Disney (for 6 months), HOOQ, and Spotify Premium! (for 3 months)

You get MORE in your myLifestyle Plan!

iPhone 7 Philippines Globe offers
From Globe’s website.

Sure, you’ll be paying the cashout for the iPhone 7 (P14,400 or P600/month for 24 months for 32GB) or iPhone 7 Plus (P21,600 or P900/month for 24 months for 32GB). The thing is, you actually get a lot when you get a Globe iPhone 7! The myLifestyle Plan 1999 has this to offer:

  • Unlimited Calls to Globe/TM
  • Unlimited Texts to ALL networks
  • P202 Consumable
  • FREE Gadget Care for 1 month

You actually get more considering you have 10GB of data + FREE internet content + those things I mentioned above!

Globe’s iPhone Experience.

globe iphone 7 experience

Of all the things I can say, this one’s actually the biggest reason why you should choose¬†Globe. Despite Smart’s great network coverage, Globe has had the experience of working with Apple. It has been working hard to have the best iPhone experience since the second-generation iPhone, the iPhone 3G! If you weren’t really convinced with the first two reasons, this one will.

And that is it for my 3 reasons to get a Globe iPhone 7! Did I miss anything? Do you agree or disagree with my reasons? Sound off in the comments below!

  1. Globe’s data package is nice, but Smart’s no cash-out offer is more attractive. Hahaha.

  2. Globe is good, but what I don’t like with them is they really quick in charging if you have an excess unlike Smart. The packages make it a great offer to get an iPhone 7 in Globe.

  3. What I love Globe is their fast internet. They have faster LTE connection than other telco.. but I will try to check out their plan soon..but not fan of iPhone.. hehe. hope they have other phones..

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