GCash Futurecast 2021: A Peek Into What’s New!

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Thanks to a certain pandemic, we rely more on our phones. From talking with friends to paying our bills, our lives are basically on our phones. With that in mind, GCash emerged as the #1 mobile wallet app in the Philippines. From its beginnings as a simple e-wallet, GCash now transforms itself to meet the needs of its almost 40 million users. Not only does the app provide an easy and secure way to go cashless, but it also provides a lot to enhance people’s lives. During GCash Futurecast 2021, the company showed us what GCash now has to offer.

Chito Maniago, Vice President, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs of GCash

Unlock New Lifestyle Possibilities with GLife

With GLife, users can now shop and avail themselves of exclusive deals from a wide array of merchants. Those include GOMO, Gong Cha, McDonald’s, Lazada, Bo’s Coffee, and more! During GCash Futurecast 2021 that phones with limited memory are one of their motivations for doing this e-commerce feature in the app. Users and merchants alike can leverage the GCash payment system making it an easier e-commerce experience for everyone. Thanks to GLife, the GCash app can be your new super life app!

Unlock The Entrepreneur in You with GCash QR on Demand

As the pandemic made a profound impact on everyone’s lives, people are creating new ways to generate income. With that in mind, GCash wants to be the catalyst for more entrepreneurs to pop up. This is why they introduced GCash QR on Demand: a new and better way to securely send and receive money. You don’t have to worry about “wrong sends” due to incorrect numbers, or giving away personal information such as their mobile numbers. Users can easily generate their own Personal QR and use this in place of giving their GCash number, for safe and hassle-free payments whether for personal use or for small businesses.

Here’s how you can generate and customize your Personal QR:

GCash Futurecast 2021 - How to Generate QR
GCash Futurecast 2021 - How to Customize QR

Unlock Your Financial Potential

(from left to right) Financial Services Team Jerome Lim (Head of GInsure), JF Darre (Chief Data Officer), Maxine Pinpin (Head of GInvest)

From its beginnings as a mobile wallet app, GCash now has a suite of products and services to help with your finances. I personally use some of these to give me more flexibility with how I use my money.

My Two Most-Used Services: GCredit and GSave!

The service I use most is GCredit, a fully verified user’s personal credit line within the GCash app. It has the ability to provide those with high GScores up to the P30,000 credit line and up to a 3% prorated interest rate. This feature also incentivizes me to pay the amount I used since the interest will be lower.

I also take advantage of GSave, a fully digital, secure, and hassle-free savings account that was built in partnership with CIMB Bank. All you need to open one is a valid ID and your smartphone! You basically have both of those with you all the time, so it’s that easy! Once you have an account, you don’t need to worry about stuff like fees, maintaining balance, and initial deposit!

If you’re looking to invest but feel intimidated by the usual options, then there’s GInvest! For as low as P50, you can invest in professionally-managed local and global funds. This is great for people who want to step up and make their money work for them.

The worldwide pandemic has really made a lot people think about their health. Getting insured is more important than ever but most Filipinos find it too expensive to get. It’s a good thing there’s GInsure, which lets you get insurance for medical emergencies such as Dengue, COVID-19, and accidents for as low as P300. People can also get financial assistance via Cash For Medical Costs and the recently launched Cash For Income Loss due to any cause. All these plans are easily accessible through GInsure within the GCash app.

Unlock Social Impact

Having the technology to enable financial literacy and flexibility isn’t enough. There is a need to have programs that help make financial literacy and education accessible to all. Plans like the Kaya Mo, GCash Mo Roadshow, the design and roll-out of Future-Ready Hackathons, and the launch of G NA! IDEAS Para Sa Pinas help make that possible.

In 2021, GCash plans to collaborate more in order to achieve bigger things with efforts like GCash For Good and the GForest platform.

“At the end of the day, we will all go back to our core purpose— to help one another in times of need and indeed unlock our desired impact on the society as a whole,” said Chito Maniago, GCash’s Vice President of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs.

With all these initiatives set by GCash, I hope this will result to a more financially responsible Philippines.

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