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2019: What an Up and Down.

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I haven’t done one of these in a while. As much as possible, I keep this full of the latest in tech. That means less of life updates and year-end posts like this. For 2019? It deserves one.

Time to break the silence.

2019 - Year-End Thoughts

Japan Opened My Eyes.

2019 didn’t want me to do the free trial mode for long. My job required me to work in Japan for a business trip. The best part about this was the fact that I spent basically half of the year there. I really hesitated at first whether I should go. Knowing that I came from a rough end of 2018, I needed a change of scenery. There were no regrets at all from me.

2019 - Japan

Japan was beautiful. There were lots of things to see! I enjoyed the variety of animals in the Ueno Zoo. Getting to see the wide expanse of Akihabara was a very unique thing! My first time there was back in January and there were a lot of people playing Pokemon GO!

2019 - Akihabara
This was back in January and there were A LOT of Pokemon Go players! NUTS!

I wouldn’t be a tourist in Japan without visiting the ever-popular Shibuya Crossing! During my first night in Japan, I already got to experience this intersection that’s always filled with people!

2019 - Shibuya

As much as I wanna share more about my Japan experience, I have a post in the backlog about that! It goes deep into my second time there and I hope to put it out this month as well!

Behind me is basically Ginza, a high-end shopping district in Japan!

Embracing The Creator Life!

2019 - The Creator Life Podcast

I started a podcast shortly after my birthday more than a year ago. It started out as a passion project that I really REALLY wanted to do. Now, it’s basically how I got a lot of my creative juices back! This podcast really taught me how to be really consistent with content. I have to admit that sharing these also took some toll on me. But for the first time in years, I’m enjoying the process. So much so, that I even got to join International Podcast Day! It felt nerve-wracking but super worth it! Here’s the clip of my section!

On top of that, it enabled me to meet more people than I would otherwise! Yes yes, it could feel like I’m just using the podcast to meet people. I genuinely feel to want to talk to others about what they do and how they’re living their lives as creators. I’m SUPER GRATEFUL to all the guests that came on so far.

I may have missed some people in the photos. All I know is that I really love making each and every episode as much as you loved listening to them. (I hope. Hehe.)

Procrastination Leading to Anxiety.

2019 - Procrastination

Not everything is rosy for me in 2019. More often than not, I tend to procrastinate on doing blog posts. Sometimes my procrastination tends to affect some aspects of the podcast! (Which sucks in hindsight, but what can I do.) The more this happened to me, the more I felt way more anxious to even finishing a post. I even reached a point where I couldn’t really finish a post!

This really frustrated me and I’ve been thinking long and hard on whether I should step back for a while. I feel like this stems with the fact that I DO TOO MUCH. This balancing act has taken a toll on me (physically and mentally). I barely get any sleep just thinking about a lot of content. It’s really insane that I still keep doing this. All of this is on top of my increasing workload in my day job. It really is nerve-wracking for me.

Here’s What I’m Gonna Do for 2020.

2019 - Plans for 2020

I might just dial down on some of the written content. My main focus will just be on tech, particularly consumer tech. I’m still passionate about coffee and stories of creators, but I won’t be writing as much for that anymore. For that, I’m planning to put it all in one place. Watch out for that within the month!

That’s it for me and 2019. I would like to thank EVERY SINGLE PERSON that supported me through this year. It hasn’t been easy and for some of you, this may be the first time you ever hear of this. The one thing I told myself for 2020 is to be more upfront with things I should be. Let’s hope I keep that.

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