Capdase Puts Swarovski Crystals on Cases?!?

Capdase Swarovski Cases Header

I always knew that Capdase made a lot of accessories for the iPhone. Some of them are just enough to protect it from dust, dirt, and scratches. Others can protect it from falls from high places! Another point of having an iPhone case is to stand out and be different from basically EVERY OTHER iPhone OWNER.

With that in mind, I think that the new Capdase Swarovski iPhone cases would look great with people who are looking for some luxury in their iPhone case! Just look at this!

So Many Capdase Swarovski iPhone Cases!

Capdase Swarovski iPhone Cases - Constellation Series

The one you see up there is for the iPhone X and iPhone Xs. I like how subtle the crystals look. It makes the case look fancier but not too flashy. This case is part of the Constellation Series where the Swarovski crystals blend with the moon and stars.

Here are more shots of this set of Capdase Swarovski iPhone cases!

If the moon and stars don’t tickle your fancy, you should go for the Flowers Series which look like a vineyard of flowers on the iPhone case.

Capdase Swarovski iPhone cases

If the Constellation Series was already subtle enough in where the Swarovski crystals, this one is even way more so. The color of the crystals blends all too well with the design! This is especially best when you have a red iPhone XR paired with the red case!

Here are other photos of this series:

There’s also the Mermaid Series, which is probably the flashiest of all the Capdase Swarovski iPhone cases. It basically shows different concepts of mermaids and the ocean with many Swarovski crystals. It mostly fits with the iPhone XR more than the XS and XS Max.

Capdase Swarovski iPhone Cases

The Packaging is Cool Too!

The packaging of these cases is cool as well! It looks fancier than your typical Capdase iPhone case packaging. I just hope they make this more available to all stores that carry these cases.

What do you think of these new cases? Are they worth your money? Sound off in the comments!

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