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My Galaxy Harajuku Experience!

Jullian Robin Sibi 0

Here’s a tidbit about Samsung: its brand DOES NOT EXIST in Japan! (Believe me, I tried.) All I see with its phones is the Galaxy brand. Just look at its website!

Galaxy Mobile Japan Website

That aside, Galaxy smartphones are gaining some ground here in Japan. One proof of that increasing popularity is their pop-up shop smack dab in the middle of Harajuku! Thus, we have the Galaxy Harajuku!

Get Your Buddy!

Galaxy Harajuku - Buddy Device

When you first enter Galaxy Harajuku, the people there greet you and ask you to get a buddy device! If you think it’s a cop-out, it’s not. You get a Galaxy Note 9 with custom software just for the place. You get to know more about the inspiration and what you can do there. You can also take photos and videos with this Note 9 to try its camera out.

Doodle Me Curious.

I’m not really much of a person who draws but I really appreciate good art when I see one. When I first saw this, I really didn’t know much about Mr. Doodle before this, but just look at one of his videos!

So when I saw his creations in Galaxy Harajuku, it really amazes me how technology can blend so well with art like this.

First Peek at the Galaxy Fold!

Like every single tech journalist during MWC 2019, people going to Galaxy Harajuku will get to see the Galaxy Fold behind glass. We don’t really get to touch it or anything. I don’t think you can even see it folded! There’s no specific reason why but I hope we get to touch this when it comes out.

Showing Off Their Stuff!

Since Samsung is a powerhouse in manufacturing as well, it showed off each component of a phone and where they fit in. I just love some behind-the-scenes stuff and I’m glad to get to see some of it here. This is also to show that it moved on from that whole Note 7 debacle.

Demos and Presentations Galore!

Of course, Galaxy Harajuku also has demos and presentations about the various features of Galaxy smartphones including this one about Bixby Vision.

Social Media Wall?!?

I personally didn’t go here, but someone else did: Isa Rodriguez!

She went to Galaxy Harajuku a few days before I did, and she got to try out this Social Media Infinity room. I honestly think she’s one of the best examples of using this room to its fullest potential! It’s also pretty fitting that she was using the Galaxy S10+ in taking this photo. Hehe.

You can also check out the new Galaxy S10 and S10+ here too!

I could have shown you more, but I got too lazy going through all of it! It’s a fun place to explore the world of Galaxy smartphones. When you happen to be around the Harajuku area, visit this when you can!

I’m almost coming home!
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