January 2019 Life Update

January 2019 Life Update Header

Hello guys! I haven’t done any life update posts since the old days where I wrote nothing but those. It’s funny how time can change things, especially in blogging and social media. Do you know that moment where you ask for a sign that things will change for the better? This is that time for me.

What’s this about?

January 2019 Life Update

If you don’t know much about me yet, I don’t do blogging full-time. My day job is being a Software Engineer. It involves me being in software development and this thing called the Information Technology industry. If you’re wondering why I do a tech blog, that probably has a lot to do with it.

In line with that, I’ll be leaving Cebu soon for a business trip to Japan. After years of being in my current company, I am FINALLY going on one! The thing is, I’ll be back in Cebu by the end of March.

What does this mean?

This means a lot of things for me. I’ll enumerate the changes right now:

1) Season 2 of The Creator Life will launch later than scheduled.

I mentioned in the latest episode of The Creator Life podcast that I would launch in January. Since then, I only planned a few recordings because I wanted to avoid the Sinulog week. With the date of my trip undecided as of now, I am not sure if I can start Season 2 in January. I’ll keep you guys posted on when that is.

2) More blog posts on creators through #TheTechBehind series!

One thing that won’t be affected much by this move is #TheTechBehind series! I already did one with Isa Rodriguez of GadgetMatch / Her GadgetMatch and Joshua Vergara! I’m currently collaborating with other creators within and outside the Philippines and I hope you guys will like it!

Isa Rodriguez New Header
#TheTechBehind Isa Rodriguez!
Joshua Vergara Header
#TheTechBehind Joshua Vergara!

3) I may be posting more life updates from Japan through this blog.

Since I have no idea how busy I’ll be during my time there, I suppose I’ll blog about my experiences here. If you wanted me to do travel content, this is probably the closest to me doing some.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be blogging about the latest tech when I can. It’s just that when I can’t, I’m sure to have something written on here.

To be honest, I’ll be missing Cebu a lot. It’s my home and I’ve never been away from it for more than a week. Missing the people I love the most will be the hardest part for me. This will probably be the toughest thing for me to handle mentally. I tend to worry too much with things like this. With God’s strength and the support from family and friends, I feel I can do this. I know I can do this.

I’ll check back with you guys in a week!

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