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URTechie Great Giveaway 2018!

Jullian Robin Sibi 11

First of all, I would like to say how grateful I am for everything that’s happened in 2018! From the various reviews As a way of saying thank you, I’ll be holding the URTechie Great Giveaway 2018!

URTechie Great Giveaway 2018 - Stuff Up for Grabs!
That’s a lot for me to give away! (For the most part…)

Here are the items that you can win in the
URTechie Great Giveaway 2018!

URTechie Great Giveaway 2018 - Charge Pack
The Charge Pack (A 10W wireless charger and a Geekkery Denim micro USB cable)
URTechie Great Giveaway 2018 - Go Light Pack
Go Light Pack (A Jaguar Electronics 5000 mAh powerbank and Casetalk in-ear headphones)
URTechie Great Giveaway 2018 - The iPhone X/Xs Companion Pack
The iPhone X/Xs Companion Pack (An iPhone X/Xs Case and a Premium Tempered Glass screen protector from Capdase)
URTechie Great Giveaway 2018 - Jaguar 10050 mAh Powerbank
2 Winners of a Jaguar 10,050 mAh powerbank
URTechie Great Giveaway 2018 - Capdase iPhone X/Xs Case
2 Winners of a Capdase iPhone X/Xs Case

Those are the items up for grabs! The question becomes: HOW DO I JOIN THE GIVEAWAY?? Here’s how!


  1. Follow Utterly Random Techie on all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)!
  2. Read ANY article in the blog and leave a comment. Make sure to put the hashtag #URTGreatGiveaway in the comment so I know it’s for the giveaway.
  3. Listen and share any episode of The Creator Life podcast (http://bit.ly/SubscribeCreatorLife) on social media! Add the hashtag #URTGreatGiveaway in your post so I know you did it.
  4. Share this post on social media with the items you want to get with the hashtag #URTGreatGiveaway.

Only those who completed the mechanics get to win in this giveaway! You have until January 2, 2019 to join! What are you waiting for? START NOW!

Follow Utterly Random Techie on social media!
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  1. Christine Lara Christine Lara

    Can’t find you in Twitter


  2. Leiv Guirigay Leiv Guirigay

    wow salamat po, really need the jaguar powrbank as i dint have any power bank yet thanks so much. Following in all social media accnts as : leivguirigay

  3. Santi Delebnogra Santi Delebnogra

    Your blog and the crator life spotify is very interesting. Thanks for giving chance to all who will join on your amazing giveways.


  4. Ely Bantugan Ely Bantugan

    nice one bro? the prizes are awesome.
    Happy new year. !

    Go Light Pack (A Jaguar Electronics 5000 mAh powerbank and Casetalk in-ear headphones)

  5. Jerry Culala Jerry Culala

    done all!
    hoping for the light pack! 🙂
    FB: Jerry Culala
    IG/Twitter: @jerry_culala
    YT: Jerry Culala

  6. Jerry Culala Jerry Culala

    done all!
    Would love to win the Go Light Pack
    or the Jaguar Powerbank
    FB: Jerry Culala
    IG/Twitter: @jerry_culala
    YT: Jerry Culala

  7. Mary Josephine Culala Mary Josephine Culala

    Joined too!
    Go light pack for me!
    FB: Mary Josephine Culala
    Twitter: @jingayan
    IG: @teachyjing
    YT: Jing Vgc

  8. Cramming! Til Jan 2 lang diay…that’s today! ?


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