Realme C1 vs iPhone X Camera Blind Test!

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I know doing a Realme C1 vs iPhone X comparison sounds ridiculous but keep reading! I did some polls on my Instagram Stories (instagram.com/utterlyrandomtechie). It surprised me that the Realme C1 photo would have more votes than the iPhone photo! Just look at this:

It’s NUTS that it happened! So I decided to make this post and do a bigger blind test through this post. I’ll be doing five sets of photos in different kinds of situations. This will be a fun ride and I’m eager to know if there will be a similar outcome in this one. I also want to find out whether spending P50,000 to P60,000 for a phone is worth it in terms of the camera.
Without further ado, this is the Realme C1 vs iPhone X Camera Blind Test!

Make sure to vote through the embedded tweets on this post! Or on Twitter (twitter.com/URTechie) if you so please.

Realme C1 vs iPhone X Camera Blind Test – Daylight Outdoor

This is just a normal daylight shot outdoors. You can see varying shades of green and that blue sky with some clouds mixed in. It’s also quite a challenge to consider the separation of the building from the trees. 

Realme C1 vs iPhone X Camera Blind Test – Gyoza Time!

This time, I might make you feel hungry but bear with me for this one! They may look quite similar but sometimes it might not pop the way it should. Colors may look unattractive here, so the better photo might not be the more accurate photo.

Realme C1 vs iPhone X Camera Blind Test – Sorry For More Food!

This is pretty much the same type of comparison I wanted in the previous scenario. The difference is that more colors are in play here. Let’s see which photo will pop up more here.

Realme C1 vs iPhone X Camera Blind Test – Selfie Time!

Look at that, my smug mug! Haha. Anyways, this is your typical selfie test. See if you can find the photo with a beauty mode enabled or something like that. The quality of the background could matter too but it’s all about that good-looking (HAHA) face.

There you go! I didn’t do too many photos since I haven’t really finished my testing on the Realme C1. What do you think of this format? Should I do this moving forward? Or compare phones that are more equally matched? Let me know in the comments and VOTE on which photo is better!

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