The Filipino’s iPhone XS Struggle.

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Let’s face it: iPhones have always been expensive for most people here in the Philippines. Most Filipinos make their smartphone purchases based on “bang for your buck” or value for your money. Then again, there are those who really save up and shell out a lot of money for Apple devices. With the iPhone X, Apple cemented the super flagship smartphone segment. It costs P64,490 in the Philippines, so people who wanted this phone had to save up a lot more.

This year, not only does Apple maintain the $999 price point, but they added an even more expensive price point. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max start at $999 and $1099 respectively. That begs the question: how hard does a Filipino have to work to get an iPhone XS? The Analysis Department of Picodi.com has some answers for us!

filipinos iphone xs struggle - infographic from picodi
Infographic by Picodi.com

We know that the iPhone XS can range around P65,000 and the average gross wage of a Filipino to be P427.76 per day. According to them, it’ll take 156.6 working days for an average Filipino to save up for an iPhone XS! I think this iPhone XS struggle isn’t really worth it if your salary is only enough to support your daily needs. You might even need your salary for the majority of a year to get a 64GB iPhone XS Max! Sounds insane if you ask me.

Good news for those in first-world countries like Switzerland. They can get an iPhone XS with 5.1 working days worth of salary. People in the US can also get Apple’s latest flagship with 8.4 working days worth of salary.

Of course, you have more options in Apple’s current iPhone lineup like the new iPhone XR. Even $749 is a high price to pay for a smartphone in the Philippines. Good thing there are two old series of iPhones: iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Let’s see the official Philippine pricing when they announce it soon.

What do you think? Are the prices of the new iPhones really absurd? Let me know in the comments below!

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