I Don’t Care About the Google Pixel.

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Ahh, the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

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For a year, these two smartphones have the best cameras in a smartphone. I have to admit, I applaud Google for putting the time and money in order to achieve that title. Here’s my problem with that.


You may wonder: Why on earth is he saying this? Is he being biased again? This has nothing to do with my biases. I actually agree with people saying that the Pixel 2 has the best camera. My problem with it is something simpler than that.

I can’t buy a Google Pixel 2 easily.

Source: Charged

First off, I am from the Philippines. Currently, there is no one that officially sells it here. Yes you can import the phone from outside or go to Singapore to get one. Even if you can, you may encounter problems while using it here.

Customer Service

By some chance your Pixel 2 gets broken, where are you going to have your phone checked? Most phone makers have set up their service centers around the country. Unless Google officially releases the Pixel line here in the Philippines, that appropriate support won’t come. Online support isn’t really enough, especially in the Philippines where people rely on repair shops.

Telco Support

On top of that, Google primarily sell the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL unlocked through online stores. Most people who have postpaid plans in the Philippines tend to get their flagship phones through those plans. If they buy from resellers, they usually buy entry level or midrange smartphones. If Google wants to sell more Pixel phones (I don’t know if they actually want to), then partnering with telcos is the key.

Source: Charged

Until Google resolves those two things, I don’t think I can ever recommend the Google Pixel smartphones to the average phone user. Most flagships are already very expensive for Filipinos. It would really help if Google makes it easier and official to have a Google Pixel smartphone. Here’s hoping they make that happen for the Pixel 3.

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