Get Ready for the Capdase iPhone XS Collection!

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Did you just get an iPhone XS? Thanks to its mostly glass design, you absolutely need a case to go with it! Some people just hate on cases entirely and go with dbrand skins. For most people here in the Philippines though, we go with cases. Don’t just get any case though. You can get one from Capdase! Without further ado, here’s the Capdase iPhone XS collection!

Capdase iPhone XS Collection - article

If you notice, these cases can also be used for the iPhone X. Although some cases may not fit due to a slight change with the iPhone XS, most iPhone X cases should fit. I’m only gonna cover some of the cases up there. Here they are!

The Capdase iPhone XS Collection!

Keep It Soft and Elastic…

Capdase iPhone XS Collection - article

The first one I’m gonna talk about is this Solid Black Soft Jacket Xpose case! I actually think this is a cool balance between good protection and a nice feel in the hand. I also love how this color isn’t exactly the blackest thing ever. It really looks like matte black. (Shoutout to MKBHD for this one.)

Capdase iPhone XS Collection - article
Matte black everything!

Clear and Rigid!

Capdase iPhone XS Collection - article

Want a case that’s hard enough to protect your iPhone XS but doesn’t cover its beauty? Then get this Snap Jacket Fine 4S case! It’s made of a hard plastic. Since it’s a clear case, you are sure to see the full beauty of your new iPhone XS! The buttons to be clickier in cases like this compared to most cases.

Capdase iPhone XS Collection - article

More Luxury and Style!

Capdase iPhone XS Collection - article

This case is by far my favorite! This is the Luxe Jacket Blackstyle H003 case! It has this cool pattern at the back. I always love the Luxury and Stylish category from Capdase because it has different kinds of designs on the back! This is no different. Having two different shades of black really makes this subdued and stand out at the same time!

Capdase iPhone XS Collection - article

What do you think of the Capdase iPhone XS collection? Are they gorgeous enough for you to get one? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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