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Poundit 101: What’s Up?

Jullian Robin Sibi 0

Have you guys heard of Poundit.com? It’s an online shopping site full of gadgets and accessories! They’re also the guys behind the awesome new brand Geekkery! Sure there are other shopping sites out there with gadgets but Poundit has something SPECIAL in store for everyone!

ENTER Poundit 101!

poundit 101 logo

What on Earth is Poundit 101??

Poundit 101 is Poundit.com’s anniversary and annual sale event! It’s their way of saying thank you to all who buys the latest stuff from them! With that in mind, they partnered with their top brands to give YOU (YES YOU!) the best deals and promos (up to 50% off) for one amazing day (October 1)!

The sale is available to EVERYONE on October 1st, but there’s a secret behind this sale! If you have a Poundit account, you’ll be able to buy through the catalog of sale items ONE DAY EARLY! (September 30) Doesn’t that sound sweet?

What Products Do They Have?

If you’re wondering about the brands that they carry in Poundit.com, here they are!

Just look at that lineup! Imagine the possibilities of Poundit 101! They may offer smartphones at insane prices! Who knows what they’re thinking?

Come On! Can’t You Tell Me Any of The Deals?

As much as I would LOVE to tell you,  I have NO IDEA what items are they lining up for this sale! All they told me is that up to 100 items will be up for grabs! They’ll also be teasing the heck out of the deals over on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Follow them there to find out more!

Facebook: facebook.com/youpoundit
Instagram: instagram.com/youpoundit

Sheesh, I tried. Any Other Deals I Should Know of?

As a matter of fact, I DO! You can get P100 off your purchase (minimum order of P1000) by using the promo code:


Not only are you getting cool items on sale, but you get an extra P100 off your whole purchase! Now’s a good time to sign up for a Poundit.com account to buy from their sale ONE DAY EARLY!

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