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Even I have to admit that Apple is doing a lot of things lately. Back in the day, all they had was the Mac. Sure, they had PowerBooks and PowerMacs but they were basically just two different forms with different use cases. The Apple of today is very different. They make a lot of stuff from the iPhone to the HomePod. One of the things that today’s Apple brought us is the Apple Watch. The latest in the family is the Apple Watch Series 3.

apple watch series 3 on my wrist
Say hello to the Apple Watch Series 3!

I’ve been using the Apple Watch Series 3 for around 2 weeks now. Normally this would be up for review. Since this is my first Apple Watch, I wanted to take my time with it. Don’t worry, I won’t take way too long. I’ll be back with a full review after a month of using this. For now, these are my first impressions of the Apple Watch Series 3.


The Series 3 still looks the same as previous Apple Watches. My mom has a Series 2, so I can say that there isn’t really much difference between that and what I have. I love Apple’s decision to make every part of watchOS (the software that powers the Apple Watch) adapt to black. It would be the dominant color of the whole OS. It really helps with battery life and looking at the watch a lot.

I like how polished the Apple Watch is. It still surprises me that the heart rate monitor is surprisingly accurate. The actual watch body feels sturdy but light. I don’t really feel a big burden when wearing it for a full day.


I love how the Apple Watch tries to motivate you to move around and exercise! If there’s one thing I’m obsessing about with the Apple Watch, it’s these Activity rings! There are three rings you need to fill each day: Move (where it tracks the number of active calories you have), Exercise (where it tracks how long you are exercising whether it’s a workout or a stroll in the mall), and Stand (where it tracks how many times you stand in a day). I absolutely enjoy getting these rings and I hope I meet other people I can compete with.

The Workout app is really simple. You can easily pick which workout are you going to do. For the first few times I did it, I kept choosing the Outdoor Walk option. Good thing there are other options depending on what activity you’ll do. I have yet to try any swimming workouts since the Apple Watch Series 3 is swim-proof up to 50 meters! Good thing there’s a swimming pool near my place so I could try it sooner rather than later.

Other Stuff

I haven’t dabbled in too much with the rest of what the Apple Watch can do. What I can say is that getting notifications from the watch is way better and less intrusive than the phone. The Digital Crown actually felt natural to me. Although it took me a while to integrate it to my use of the watch, it felt right when I got used to it.

Even though this was not planned at all, I’m glad that I have an Apple Watch Series 3. I hope to use this more especially during swimming. What else would you want me to try out with this Apple Watch? Let me know in the comments!

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