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I’ve been driving for over a year now. The one thing I worry about is having a phone with no battery! I honestly don’t want people that I care about worrying about me. Good thing Capdase swooped in to save the day! I’m here to share my experiences when using one of their latest car products. This is all about the Capdase PowerHub 2-Car Socket, 2-USB Port Car Charger!

What Does It Have?

This device connects to the socket in your car. (It’s the one with the smoking symbol on it.) In exchange, it gives you A LOT more than what your car has! It gives you:
  • 2 car sockets (this alone makes up for occupying the socket)
  • 2 USB ports that provides up to 2.4A current
I’m really surprised that a simple gadget like this can give you more than what you bargained for! Not only can you put more car accessories with it, you can also charge your devices directly through USB!

The Good Stuff

Capdase really convinced me with the promise of up to 2.4A current on charging devices through USB. I tried charging my iPhone X while driving around the city last Saturday. It actually worked out for me. I gained around 20-30% of battery life within a span of 30 minutes (normal for an iPhone). I also seem to not have any problems with other aspects of the car while using this.

The Bad Stuff

I personally found the wire very long. It was distracting when I had to move it around while driving. I think they should make another version that has a shorter wire. It would also be nice if this came in white. (It probably is, I’m just not sure since most of their non-smartphone accessories are black). Another thing to note is that they should have better adhesives for chargers like these.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I think the Capdase PowerHub is a good companion for people who are on the road a lot. Despite my qualms, it’s a gadget worth recommending. The USB ports are a great plus, especially for older cars without any kind of charging capability. You can also put more car accessories on the sockets that the Capdase PowerHub has. What do YOU think of Capdase’s new car charger? Would you consider buying something like this for your car? Let me know in the comments below.

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