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Starbucks Philippines App Experience!

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Starbucks is synonymous with mobile payments. In the US, they were one of the first to create an experience that revolves around paying with your phone. In 2013, Starbucks Philippines launched the Starbucks Card. For a minimum load of P300, Starbucks customers in the Philippines get to store the balance and earn rewards along the way! Even though it seems a bit inconvenient to load the card, you can earn various stars that let you get free drinks and more! Five years after Starbucks Philippines launched the Starbucks Card, they launched the next step: the Starbucks Philippines App!

What is the Starbucks Philippines App?

The Starbucks Philippines App is the best way to pay for your coffee in Starbucks branches in the Philippines! With the app, you can check your balance, learn about the latest Starbucks products and promos, and earn your rewards! It basically removes the need for you to have a Starbucks Card all the time!

What Does the Starbucks Philippines App Have?

When you first open the app, the main screen greets you. It shows the latest products and promos that Starbucks has to offer. It also lets you sign in to your Starbucks Rewards account. It’s the same one you have for your Starbucks cards.

Once you sign in, you get to see your available rewards. You also see a floating button on the bottom right that lets you either sign in or see your balance right away!

You can also tap on the Reward Details to see the full lowdown on your Starbucks Rewards! It shows you how many stars you need until you can get a free Grande beverage and how many redeemable rewards you have!

You can check out their menu from the app, including all their Featured products! Since it’s April already, I can’t wait for the new Frappuccino drinks to come out.

Don’t know where the nearest Starbucks branch is? Just go to the Stores tab in the app and it shows you nearby branches based on your location.

A feature that lets you pay for your coffee faster: Shake to Pay! Just go to the app and shake your phone! It’s that easy!

Thoughts on the App Experience

Disclaimer: I actually got a chance to use the app before Starbucks Philippines announced its release (but it was already available in the App Store). I’m also using an iPhone X, so performance of the app may be slower or on par depending on your device.

I honestly think that the app is well done. Despite noticing some issues with unexpected instances of logging out, I really think the experience is great! You can easily see what’s new with Starbucks and you know what rewards you have right away.

Shake to Pay is really useful when your other hand is preoccupied. Paying through the app isn’t a hassle at all. One downside is that you can’t reload right away from the app: you have to go to the store to do so. I’m sure that feature will be added in a future update though.


All in all, I really like the Starbucks Philippines app! It really changes the way I buy my coffee. It removes the need for me to bring a card. You’ll need to purchase one to make a Starbucks Rewards account so that might not change anytime soon. I really want to commend the company behind Starbucks Philippines for really investing a lot of time and money in the app. I hope they don’t leave it hanging!

DOWNLOAD THE STARBUCKS PH APP on the App Store or Google Play Store!

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