Lazada Birthday Festival: 5 Great Gadgets to Buy!

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Lazada is AT IT AGAIN! I can’t believe that they’ve only been around for 6 years! YES, it’s only been 6 YEARS since Lazada came out. Since then, many brands already have official stores in Lazada. (Popular phone brands like OPPO, Xiaomi, and Huawei are present.) From April 25-27, Lazada will hold the Lazada Birthday Festival!

What is the Lazada Birthday Festival?

This is a 3-day birthday sale that Lazada holds which gives you 3 WAYS to save on your purchases:
  • Items up to 90% OFF – In a typical Lazada sale, most items are really on sale! There are various items in Lazada that have a 90% discount! This also holds true during the Lazada Birthday Festival!
  • Flash Sale – Lazada typically does this with any kind of sale event. Every hour, Lazada shows you deals that only last an hour. Once the hour is up, another set of deals pop up and so on. Some of these deals are actually GREAT and people actually get them! It sounds insane but these deals actually work.
  • Vouchers! – Lazada also has vouchers but there are usually a few of them. During the birthday sale, there will also be vouchers that you can only get during the sale!
To be honest, I’m really excited for this sale that I have good news for you! I get to share with you 5 gadgets that you should consider buying during this sale! These 5 gadgets happen to be part of their Top Deals for the birthday sale! Without further ado, here are those gadgets! Disclaimer: All Lazada links are affiliate links.

Huawei Y6 2018

Yeah yeah, another smartphone from Huawei. This one really focuses on having an 18:9 FullView display at a very low price! For just P5,990, you can get this nice looking phone with decent specs for a phone in that price point. Here are the specs: Huawei Y6 2018 Specs
  • 5.7-inch 1440×720 LCD display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor
  • 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage
  • 13MP rear camera
  • 5MP front camera
Buy this over at Lazada HERE!

JBL Pulse 2

Bluetooth speakers have become tech essentials lately. You can bring it with you basically anywhere at this point. (Yes, even the bathroom.) If you want something with a bit more flash, then get this cool Pulse 2 bluetooth speaker from JBL. You can see various lights pop up while playing music so it can stand out! Kind of cool if you ask me. Buy this over at Lazada HERE!


Another gadget that became an essential during travels is an action camera. It doesn’t have to have the best camera in the market. The action cam should just work at a lot of different situations. GoPro is responsible for making the action camera a mainstream product. The new GoPro Hero aims to expand to the more casual user who just wants to take a good photo in difficult situations. Best of all, it’s the cheapest GoPro to date (at P12,990)! Buy this over at Lazada HERE!

Romoss Sense 9 25000 mAh Powerbank

I normally don’t just recommend powerbanks. When recommending one of these, I make sure to research if the quality is good enough and the reviews agree. I have to tell you that Romoss is sort of underrated. Despite my initial hesitation, I actually see people using Romoss powerbanks! The price of this powerbank also made me lose my mind! Go to the link to see how low the price is! Buy this over at Lazada HERE!

A Full HD (1080p) TV.

This seems like a weird pick considering all the previous deals shown above. Despite that, I think this TV is worth your consideration by the price alone. Since I don’t wanna expound on what TV I’m talking about, check the link if it is worth your time. For me, the price and brand alone make it a worthwhile purchase. Buy this over at Lazada HERE! Well, those are the gadgets I found in the Top Deals of the upcoming Lazada Birthday Festival! Would you want to shop during those days? Or are you the type of person who wants to shop when you need it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Too bad, I missed this. I hope to check out more deals next time they have a sale. I might find something I need and like. Or maybe my husband would find some things he’d be interested to buy.

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