My GCash Shopping Experience!

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Do you wish you could shop without your wallet?

Sounds crazy, right? Normally, we use cash you would reach for the wallet when you buy stuff. Some people tend to lean towards getting a credit card. Despite the benefits, not everyone gets to have one thanks to income requirements. In fact, not all employed people get to use debit cards because their company can’t afford to have payroll. Don’t worry, GCash lets you do that without the need for a credit card or bringing your wallet!

What is GCash?

gcash mobile

It is a mobile money service provided by Globe that essentially lets your phone be your wallet! You can basically treat it like a bank account of sorts without having to go to a bank! All you need is a mobile number and the mobile app!

Here’s the list of things you can do with it:

  • Send Money – You can send money to your friends and loved ones without service fees!
  • Pay Bills – Through the mobile app, you can pay bills from various utilities, and even taxes!
  • Buy Load – You can also buy load through the app! There are times when you even get a rebate for getting load through GCash!

What I want to show you is the newest feature of the app, GCash Scan to Pay!

What is GCash Scan to Pay?

This feature lets me pay what I buy at merchants that have a QR code! I recently tried this last week during GCash Day. I went to Bo’s Coffee in Ayala Center Cebu and sure enough, they have a GCash QR code near the counter!

First, I accessed the Pay QR option on the app or just swipe left from the main page of the mobile app. It should look like this:

After a few seconds, the cashier told me that they received the payment. The speed of the payment surprised me a lot! I had a great experience using Scan to Pay. On top of that, I got P100 cashback for that transaction, so I paid less than P100 for good coffee!

With that in mind, I want YOU to experience the benefits of Scan to Pay! Here’s a chance to do so in Cebu:

GDay in Ayala Center Cebu!

Experience the advantage of GCash Scan to Pay during GDay in Ayala Center Cebu! Today’s the last day to get 20% cashback when you scan to pay with GCash QR! If you’re worried as to which stores accept Scan to Pay, here they are:

If you were to ask me, that’s a lot of stores for something that’s relatively new to us Cebuanos! We should take advantage of this and the P100 cashback when buying movie tickets using GCash! I think this is a great move to encourage shoppers to Cash-In their money to GCash to take advantage of Scan to Pay and other great features of the app!

For more details of the features, check out their website. If you want to be updated with their latest promos, go to their Facebook page!

What do YOU think of GCash and Scan to Pay? Is this a viable way to pay in the long run? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

GCash celebrates GDay in Ayala Center Cebu!

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