ABS-CBN Launches TV Plus Internet in Cebu!

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Ever heard of ABS-CBN TV Plus? It’s a device that lets you get digital TV channels on any kind of TV! Now priced at P1,499, the TV Plus slowly became a staple in Filipino homes. Another staple is the internet. ABS-CBN thought of combining the enjoyment of TV Plus with the power of the internet. Last night, that combination became a reality with ABS-CBN TV Plus Internet!

What is the ABS-CBN TV Plus Internet?

It’s basically a new digibox which enables the TV Plus experience AND a USB stick powered by ABS-CBN mobile. On top of the exclusive channels you get with TV Plus (CineMo, Yey, Knowledge Channel, DZMM TeleRadyo), you also get new apps exclusive to TV Plus Internet! These apps are Wikipedia, Facebook, and iWanTV Express. I think that the standout app for this device is iWanTV Express. Before, you could only access iWanTV through your phone, laptop, or the Roku Powered TVolution from PLDT. With ABS-CBN TV Plus Internet, you can get iWanTV directly through your TV!

How much does it cost?

It only costs P2,999! Considering the current TV Plus just costs P1,499, I think this is a solid price for the product. It comes with free 500MB data so you can experience using the TV Plus Internet to its fullest potential!

Executives from ABS-CBN TV Plus and ABS-CBN Cebu did the “plugging in” of the TV Plus Internet in Cebu.

How does internet work in this device?

The digibox itself CANNOT connect you to the internet. You MUST plug the included broadband stick to the digibox in order for the device to have internet access. Another neat feature of the device is that it acts as a WiFi hotspot for up to 4 devices! This means that you can use the internet access of the stick using WiFi even though you don’t use any internet features.

What internet promos are available for ABS-CBN TV Plus Internet?

KSURF30 (350MB for 7 days)
KSURF99 (1GB for 30 days)
KSURF199 (2.5GB for 30 days)

Where can I buy this device? Does it have warranty?

You can buy it at the following stores HERE in Cebu:

AC/DC Electronics, Advance Radio Electronics, Aerophone, Asian Home Appliance, Cebu Advance Electronics, Des Strong Motors, Gaisano Grand, Juliahann’s Appliances, Maxtech, and Smartzone outlets in CEBU CITY, LAPU-LAPU CITY, MANDAUE CITY, and TALISAY CITY.

Warranty of the Digibox and the Broadband Stick is 12 months. The included accessories have a 1-month warranty.

I’m personally glad that ABS-CBN provides a way for an average Filipino household to have internet AND TV access in one package! Best of all, I get to try the TV Plus Internet and see whether it deserves a spot in your home!

What aspect would you want me to focus on for this review? Are you the target customer of this device? Let me know in the comments below!

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