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Marshall Headphones Major II Bluetooth Review

Jullian Robin Sibi 7

Have you tried using wireless headphones? For a long time, it was not an alternative to wired ones. The connection was bad, and the battery life is not worth the purchase. In recent years though, the technology and hardware got better to the point that battery life gets past 10+ hours! Marshall Headphones just took the great parts of the Major II and added that great technology and battery life. This is my Marshall Headphones Major II Bluetooth review.

Design and Hardware

The Major II Bluetooth maintains a similar design to the wired Major II headphones. They actually weigh similar as well (202g compared to 172g for the wired Major II). The main difference between the both of them is the  presence of a button and a movable knob on the ear cups.

Marshall Headphones Major II Bluetooth Review - Design

The right ear cup has the power button, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a microUSB port for charging.

The left ear cup has a movable knob that acts as a button and a microphone for calls. The movable knob can be used to accept calls and control music playback.

I find the chrome finish on the knob pointless. It faded away after I got the headphones wet. In fairness, the silver finish that it has now holds up well.

The ear cups themselves are really comfortable. They really sit well on my ears. It really depends on your ear size though. I don’t have huge ears though, so most normal-sized ones will do well with the Major II Bluetooth.

The headband’s actually more comfortable than the Pitch Black wired Major IIs (my previous headphones). It has a certain fluff to it. (It also doesn’t help that I had the wired ones for 2 years! Haha.)

The one thing that still worries me is the hinges on these headphones though. The hinges on my wired Major IIs broke within a year! It’s something I didn’t expect from a P4,900 pair of headphones! I don’t know if the hinges on the Major II Bluetooth are better though. I’ve had these for around 4 months and nothing happened so far. I just hope I don’t end up jinxing them! ?

Bluetooth Performance

These headphones have Bluetooth 4.0 with aptX technology which means devices that support aptX will get better sound than normal Bluetooth. Sadly, the iPhone 7 isn’t one of those devices. Despite that fact, I noticed an increase in sound volume while using it through Bluetooth! I found out that using it wirelessly is better than using it with the included 3.5mm auxiliary cable. No matter what music service I use, Bluetooth playback really sounds better.

Sometimes the signal gets choppy, especially when another Bluetooth device is nearby. It isn’t a dealbreaker, but you want to take note of that.

Battery Life

On to one of the most important things in wireless headphones: battery life. It really shocked me when I first saw the box when it said that it lasts up to 30 hours! I didn’t want to believe it at first since it sounded impossible. Well, the Marshall Headphones Major II Bluetooth proved me wrong.

On heavy use, I typically can go through a weekend with a single charge! I usually take around 3-4 hours per heavy use. If I go a little lighter, it can last for a week and a half! These really impressed me in that department! I was also happy that the other headphones in their lineup: the Mid Bluetooth and the Monitor Bluetooth both have the same 30 hour battery life! I haven’t tried either of those but based on my experience with the Major II Bluetooth, I lean more to believing that.

Sound Quality

I like how the Major II Bluetooth sounds. It doesn’t make the bass drown out the rest of the music. The sound is actually more balanced than most cheap headphones.

I wouldn’t compare these to Bose or other high-end headphones though since these don’t have noise cancellation. For P6,500, you really do get your money’s worth with these though.

Final Thoughts


Besides my worries about the hinges and the usual Bluetooth hiccups, the Marshall Headphones Major II Bluetooth ticks all the boxes of a good pair of wireless headphones. It’s easily one of the best in class in its price range and has the best battery life for its price. Go get one at Digital Walker stores here in the Philippines or buy it through Lazada!

Marshall Headphones Major II Bluetooth Review

Thank you for reading my Marshall Headphones Major II Bluetooth review! Have any questions that need answering in this review? Leave them in the comments section below!

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  1. Rea Rea

    Wow it’s sold out on Lazada! It must be that good for its price. I honestly won’t spend 6500 for a headset but for those who are really into it, why not! I’m all for quality products, but I find that big headsets totally hurt my head. 🙁 The features are cool though. This is probably something my husband would love, but he has to buy it for himself. HAHA.

  2. My goodness. 6,500! But reading through this post, it must be worth it. I was able to use Marshall headphones before when I was still a ‘musician’ LOL. What I love about Marshall headphones is the quality of sound. You’re right about the bass not drowning out the rest of the music. For me, ao na’y last deciding factor nako when I purchase a headphone. 🙂

  3. Most of the costs probably come from the leather or design of it though. I’m more of a functional type of person. But if this makes people excited, then why not? Good for them!

  4. I am now on the state of my life where I want to try headphones. I am only used to earphones but I always get annoyed with wires. I saw you using this for quite some time and yes, It made me think of getting one as wireless is definitely hassle-free plus the review, i’m into it already. (Y) looking forward to have my own wireless headphone soon 🙂

  5. For a music lover like me, i think it is ideal to have one of these soneday. Nice post Juls.

  6. Let me borrow! I actually don’t need headphones but it looks cool. It’s so perfect when someone hangs out it Starbucks and you just wanna drown out the crowd.

  7. I really love how this headphone looks but what its such a pain in the pocket to purchase this one hehehe. Marshall items are know for its sound quality. I hope the they will do an 80% Off on their products hehehe

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