5 Cool Things From Silverstone Unleashed 2!

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Silverstone Unleashed 2! This was interesting to say the least.

Earlier this year, Silverstone unleashed (no pun intended) some of their new products that came out that time. It included new PC tower cases, new power supplies, and so much more! Now they brought MORE stuff! It was held at the same venue as last time. The big difference was in how many people there were! Fine Upgrades made sure that the venue would be full of people! I never really saw the venue as a place where it gets full right away. Lo and behold, I was wrong. With that in mind, I also wanted to share 5 cool things from Silverstone I found during their event.


Storage Enclosures with USB-C!

Despite the backlash Apple got by going ALL-IN on USB-C with their MacBook Pros, USB-C gained some popularity. Because of this, USB-C accessories are also getting more popular. Silverstone can help you by providing enclosures to small hard drives and possibly even M.2 SSDs (a kind of SSD that uses the same port as your graphics card or normal hard drives)! I think that enclosures are good for people who are more mobile than most professionals out there.

RAVEN Z Extreme SFF Chassis!

The last time I saw this form factor, it only came in black. Good thing it already comes in white, which I found during Silverstone Unleashed 2! I also love how the RGB lighting in the middle looks! So sexy!

USB-C Cables Galore!

Since USB-C is getting more popular, we really need the appropriate USB-C cables! Good thing Silverstone offers that as well! If we want matching cables for our hard drives using Silverstone enclosures, then these will do just great! They had two types of USB-C cables on display: a USB-C to USB-C cable, and a USB-C to USB-A (the traditional USB) cable. If you need to connect to older PCs, the one with the USB-A tip can help. These cables are also good for new MacBook Pro owners.

RGB Fan Mania!

I’m a sucker for anything RGB. I like something as simple as RGB light strips or series lights for Christmas! I got happier when I found some RGB cooling fans and RGB fan grilles from Silverstone! My favorite is the lower middle RGB fan. It looks like there are multiple colors that show up at once!

PC Power Supplies for Everyone!

During Silverstone Unleashed 2, they also announced new power supplies for new PC use. When it comes to PC power supplies, Silverstone is one of the leading makers! From those that fit smaller PCs to giant ones used for gamers, I’m sure that you can really rely on Silverstone products as your constant PC partner!

Those are just 5 cool things that I found during Silverstone Unleashed 2! Did I miss anything? Do you want to know more about the products? Head over to silverstonetek.com to find out!

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