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Globe LTE Mobile WiFi Unboxing! (2017)

Jullian Robin Sibi 15

After Globe made their Tattoo LTE Mobile WiFi more affordable last year, they are now putting out a new one. I mentioned in a previous post that the device itself is from an unknown manufacturer. Months after releasing the Prepaid Home WiFi device, we now have the Globe LTE Mobile WiFi!

globe lte mobile wifi device

I managed to find this new model in a Globe store on one random day. (Seriously, I just went there for no reason and found it. Haha.) Since I got curious as to how it compares to the old, I bought this. As I write this, it would be almost a week since I got the device.

Without much delay, here’s my Globe LTE Mobile WiFi Unboxing!

Check out my unboxing video!

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The Box

As you can see here, the Globe LTE Mobile WiFi now costs P1495! When the new price was announced, it shocked me. Unlike last year’s model, this device is made by Huawei. Here’s what’s inside the box:

globe lte mobile wifi contents
Inside the box: Globe LTE Mobile WiFi device, manuals, 1500mAh battery, Globe Prepaid LTE SIM, micro USB cable

There’s not much to go on inside the box except the device itself. I don’t know why they always include short micro USB cables as opposed to the usual 1m cables. Oh well. We get what we get.

First Impressions

globe lte mobile wifi first impressions

Unlike my first impressions of the previous Globe LTE Mobile WiFi, I felt that this device is a much better pocket WiFi. Since the device is from Huawei, it did not surprise me at all. (It’s also known for making smartphones such as the P10 and P10 Plus.)

The new device does not have a screen, but has two LED indicators for signal strength and battery. When the new Globe LTE Mobile WiFi is low on battery, the battery indicator will turn red.

For a device that has one purpose of connecting our devices to the internet, it’s a really robust one. So far, I haven’t experienced any random reboots or glitches with the connection. The previous one rebooted a lot.

Best of all, I think this is a sexier device than the old chunky one. Just look at this!

comparison of globe lte mobile wifi

Yeah, yeah. The old device has a screen where you can how much battery you have left. It also shows how much data you use. But the new Globe LTE Mobile WiFi is from Huawei and looks sleeker than the old one!

Based on initial use, I found out that the new device gets better LTE speeds than the old one! Here’s a sample speed test result I got when I used it in IT Park:

globe lte mobile wifi speed test

It is quite fast, but I have yet to fully test this in a lot of areas. I also want to compare this to the old device and see which one is faster.

Initial Issues

I have some complaints when I got this device though. First, their “free 5GB data” promo suddenly does not work! I tried texting the code but it didn’t work. They should just remove the promotion from the box so that Globe would not mislead people.

I will never stop talking about how SEVERELY lacking the promos that Globe has for mobile data. Even though they have a new GoWATCH promo, I still think that people should get more data for their hard-earned money.

globe lte mobile wifi unboxing

That’s it for my Globe LTE Mobile WiFi unboxing! Are you planning on getting one in the near future? Stay tuned for my review on this blog, Utterly Random Techie!

  1. hey man, same thing happened to me when I purchased their prepaid home wifi. I sent the code to avail of free10gb and never received any confirmation of some sort. Had to call their support hotline to have it checked. Got it escalated to the “manager” and after about a week of waiting, finally got the free10gb. geez

  2. Erika Erika

    Hi. Regarding this lte mobile wifi, do you know any promos, like unlisurf of that sort? It would be really great if you could help me. Thanks!!!

    • I do! Unfortunately, Globe does not offer any sort of unlimited internet promo. They instead offer GoSURF or GOTSCOMBODD90. Just text GOTSCOMBODD90 to 8080 for 2GB data for 7 days.

  3. CJ CJ

    Hi! Which would you recommend, this pocket wifi or the Globe Prepaid Home WiFi?

    • If you’re mostly on-the-go, go with the pocket wifi. If you’re mainly using it at home, go with the Prepaid Home WiFi. They even have a promo which lets you have 1GB for P15 with HomeSurf 15 but that’s for the Prepaid Home WiFi.

  4. Jet tej Jet tej

    Hello. Tagalog na lng po ako ha hehe. Ambilis ng globe pocketwifi lte. Kaso firstime nangyari sken, naggift ako ng gosurf50 (thru rewards), kapag nauubos ko na ang 800mb limit/day, nagamit ako ng gosurf, ayaw gumana.sobra bagal.dko lam kung bakit. Sa old pocketwifi ko (3g) e bastat ubos na 800mb ko, naggogosurf50 ako, ambilis ulit. 1gb un nood ako ng nood. This time, eto ng globe povketwifi lte ang gamit ko kasi super hanga ako nung ginagamit ko ung free 5gb, sobra bilis. Nanibago ako sa bilis. So nung ubos na,balik nko sa unlisurf 1mo, w/c is supersurf999. Balik ulit ako sa dating gawi ko na maggosurf50 (thru rewards) ako para tuloy tuloy panonood ko, surprisingly, waley po. As i ung 4mins clip, 2hrs ko na pineplay, buffering lng po…. Baka po mtulungan nyo ko. Nareset ko na po ang device ko, restart,reset, kung anik anik na,wala prin po…. Ok nmn ang signal ng globe dito sa lugar namin (malvar batangas)

    • Baka dahil gumamit ka ng supersurf999. May 3GB/month limit yan eh. Also, madali maubos ang gosurf50 kapag palagi kang manood ng video.

      • Jet tej Jet tej

        Supersurf999 po tlga ang gamit ko kahit dun sa lumang pocketwifi ko. Ang gawa ko kasi tlga, eversince, pag ubos na ang 800mb fr supersurf,magpapagift ako ng gosurf50, na running smoothly nmn at balik ulit sa bilis. Yup monitor ko nmn kung ilan MB n ang nattira sa gosurf. Pero kagabi around 11pm, dahil ubos na ang 800mb/day ko, naggift ako ng gosurf50, na hindi ko naman nagamit. Upon checking ng remaining MB ay may 860Mb pko from 1gb. Na hindi ko nagagamit kasi nga po ayaw magplay ang utube. Ang fb walang images. Hndi ko alam kung may sira ba ang pocketwifi ko.

        • Hindi yan sa pocket wifi. Sa globe network talaga yan. Baka sumobra ka na sa 3GB/month na supersurf. Hindi na talaga ako gumamit ng supersurf kasi nakakainis yan. Mas mainam kung GoSURF50 ka nalang palagi. Or GOTSCOMBODD90 na may 2GB data for 7 days.

      • Jet tej Jet tej

        Aware nmn ako sir sa limit ng supersurf999. 800mb lng po un a day. Supersurf999 npo ang gamit ko since 2012 nung pinaputol ko ung smartbro ko. Nagpocketwifi nko. Nito lng tlga sa bago kong pocketwifi lte. Besides, compatible nmn po ung gosurf50 kahit nka supersurf999 ako. Kasi po un po tlga gawain ko pag nauubos ko n ang limit na 800mb. Nmomonitor ko din ang usage ko thru huawei hilink. Kaso ewan bakit ganito nangyari simula kagabi. Thanks po

  5. Jet tej Jet tej

    Sir Jullian Robin Sibi, baka po matulungan nyo ako. Or kahit po sino dito na naexperience po ung situation ko. Thanks po ng marami

  6. Reuben Reuben

    Sa totoo lang kung isusuma total mo lahat yan eh device lamang ang tinitingnan ko jan,kc alam ko nman na wala maganda sa service at promo ng globe dahil puro limited offers lang ang meroon sila at pagdating sa ganayn ay napaka numiro uno ng globe sa pagkabig ng babayaran mo e asa ka pa sa prepaid at kung sa mga bumabayad ng plans pangit na e jan pa kaya!!! hays!!!.Dinadaan daan lamang sa ganda ng ads pero pag naexperience mo na e saka k lang magsisi.Kay kung nagagandahan ka its up to u pero kung may pagaalangan ka e magtanung ka muna sa meron niyan o dun sa marurunong.Buy wisely kasi sa ngayon ang hirap kitain ng pera tapos papakabig mo lang un budget mo sa walang kwenta promotions at service ng globe.

    • Depende talaga sa lugar yan. Mas mainam talaga ang Globe dito sa Cebu eh. Baka sa lugar mo ganyan yan. Pero may times na hindi maganda yung customer service ng Globe.

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