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Since there is a lot to talk about in tech, I’m starting #UtterlyRandomThoughts.
It’ll be a weekly post series that basically lets me voice out my opinion on certain tech topics.
First off,  I wanna talk about why it’s NOT wrong to choose iPhone 7.

Unless you don’t care at all, Apple releases two sizes of iPhones since 2014. Thanks to the ever-increasing demand for bigger phones, they relented and gave us the iPhone 6 Plus. Since then, Apple maintained their dominance in the smartphone market despite the competition. Last year, Apple gave a big differentiator to the bigger 7 Plus: another camera.

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I recently read an article about the iPhone 7 being the wrong iPhone to buy. He mentioned the two reasons why the iPhone 7 Plus is a vastly superior phone than the iPhone 7: the screen and the camera.

 I understand that the dual-camera system on the iPhone 7 Plus gives it a significant advantage over the iPhone 7. I just can’t agree to what he says that I GOT THE WRONG iPhone.

Why Choose iPhone 7?

Here’s the thing: I choose iPhone 7 because I want the smaller phone. I don’t want a bigger screen if it means I have to carry a big phone. I KNOW, I KNOW. Bigger phones tend to have big batteries but to me, it seems like a compromise.

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When was the last time you held a smaller phone? I get that bigger screens are all the rage thanks to watching a lot of videos now compared to before. Bigger phones feel uncomfortable in the hand to me though (and I have pretty bigger than average hands). I feel that the iPhone 7 feels better in the hand to me.

I have to admit, the dual camera system that the iPhone 7 Plus has is great. (The Portrait mode really tempted me to get one. Seriously.) It is understandable that people get the 7 Plus thanks to its clearly better camera. Despite that, I find that the size of the 7 Plus really turns me off. I can imagine a scenario where I would have a hard time getting the  7 Plus from my pocket.

Until we reach the point where a bigger screen can fit a phone with the same size as an iPhone 7, I refuse to accept that the 7 Plus is the right one. Fitting a dual-camera to an iPhone 7-like size is a matter of time for Apple to do.

If Apple gives me an iPhone 8 with the same size but a bigger screen, I’ll gladly LET THEM TAKE MY MONEY.

Until then, I choose iPhone 7.

choose iphone 7

9 thoughts on “Choose iPhone 7. (#UtterlyRandomThoughts)

  1. I think that when you clearly know what you want from your phone, that’s all that matters. People have different preferences and I guess buying an iPhone or any phone for that matter boils down to that – choice or preference. I know someone who just bought a bigger iPhone (I think 6 plus) then sold it the next day because she realized it’s too big for her hands. She wanted to trade it for a smaller one.

  2. Our first smartphone was an iphone 4s, acquired when it was first released. It’s really powerful that time. Elroy, a fellow blogger uses an iPhone 7 but it seems kuwang ang features sa camera sa 7 especially ang manual mode. But aside from that feature, the ip7 is really good.. I am thinking of saving for it

  3. I, too, am not a fan of big, bulky phones. No matter how cool or technologically advanced the features are, I just cant see myself holding these big ass phones on my hands. Im pretty satisfied with my 6s as of the moment – not too small, not too big, and still packs a hefty punch in terms of features and specs.

  4. In my own preference, I prefer the iPhone7 because of it’s size. The specs is enough for my needs tho. In the end, what matters is the own preferences of each individual.

  5. Nag tuo ko like gamay ra tingae difference sa iphone 6 sa 7 but then katong naka gamit nako sa imo phone which is a 7, well I said naa jud diay difference! I mean it’s way more better. Pero huwat nalang tingae kos 8 oy hahahah

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