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Apple Launches RED iPhone 7 and 7 Plus!

Jullian Robin Sibi 19

Apple just announced a new color for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus! As you can probably tell from the title AND the image, it’s (PRODUCT)RED™.

Way before Apple put out the iPhone, they had the great relationship of collaborating with (PRODUCT)RED™. From various iPods to their accessories, Apple always had a (PRODUCT)RED™ version of them. Despite that, Apple never made a (RED) iPhone until now.

Enter the RED iPhone 7!

red iphone 7 back and front


The RED iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has a white glass front and a matte RED aluminum back. (I REALLY WANT a BLACK glass front though.) Both RED iPhone 7s are only available with either 128GB or 256GB storage options like the Jet Black color. Here’s the pricing for each model in case you forget:

  • (PRODUCT)RED™ iPhone 7 128GB – P43,990
  • (PRODUCT)RED™ iPhone 7 256GB – P49,990
  • (PRODUCT)RED™ iPhone 7 Plus 128GB – P50,990
  • (PRODUCT)RED™ iPhone 7 Plus 256GB – P56,990

Both models will be available to order on Friday, March 24th at 11:01PM. The (PRODUCT)RED™ iPhone 7s will start shipping to the following 40 countries by the end of March including Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the UK and United Arab Emirates. Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, and Turkey.

What is (PRODUCT)RED™?

red iphone 7 what is product red

(PRODUCT)RED™ is a collaboration between the non-profit organization (RED) and various companies. Customers who buy (PRODUCT)RED™ stuff enables companies to give a portion of their purchase to The Global Fund.

According to the (RED) website, here is more information on The Global Fund:

The Global Fund, the recipient of (RED) funds, is a 21st century organization designed to accelerate the end of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria as epidemics.

With (PRODUCT)RED™, not only you can have an awesome looking red iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, but also help out in the fight against HIV/AIDS!

red iphone 7
Credit: Apple.com

Do YOU want a RED iPhone 7? Despite knowing that there will be a new iPhone this year, are you buying this? Let me know in the comments section below!

  1. Oh my eyes! Red Iphone is so fancy and cool in my eyes! I hope they’ll release yellow soon because I love yellow!

  2. maica zac maica zac

    This is so cool ! I love it .. But i have no enougb budget to buy .. Ouch !! :'(

  3. Rea Rea

    Gosh it’s freakin expensive! Does it fly me to the moon?! Haha. Pero I have to say it looks really classy and eye-catching, plus the fact that it’s “for the benefit of” gives people that push to purchase it.

  4. Good Lord this is freaking expensive hahaha. I don’t like that Apple is making a red iPhone because (forgive me for saying this) red kinda looks cheap. HAHAHA sorry.

  5. :'( I feel like crying. I just bought a new iPhone two months ago and then Apple announced this :'(

  6. I am all for charitable endeavors, but this is just ridiculously priced. I was one of those who were dazzled by the new color when it first came out, but after seeing that it’s only the back portion that’s getting the red treatment, I came back to my senses and decided to just look for a red phone casing hahaha

  7. This move is actually good. Red actually is one of my favorite colors. Also, Apple is making an awesome move supporting charitable organizations. But I’m kind of confused? You mentioned 7s? or you mean 7’s?

  8. The redness is just gorgeous. I think I might save up for this one hehehe

  9. At last! A blast of color from this beloved tech product! I like it but not as much as I like the classic colors. Hahaha! Anyway, I just hope the proceeds really do go to the people afflicted by AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria because honestly, a lot of foundations have been made for these diseases but I don’t think these foundations did anything to alleviate at least 30% of the problems related to it. Or am I wrong?

  10. the red iPhone 7 looks so fancy. :O It stood out among all other iPhone variants. Di man ta ko hilig ug red but i find this color so cool…

  11. I wish apple produces a royal blue color variant. maybe for the next iteration then. But nice marketing though Apple. You have made another hype again for your products.

  12. It’s really nice that there is new color offering from iPhone. I just hope that there will be a blue variant soon.

  13. Wow Red!!!! i would love to get this but I am still happy with my SE. So, it is Apple lovefest for this cycle ha. Hopefully, you will still be a fanboy once you moved to the Land of the Rising Sun.

  14. Kat Kat

    It’s gorgeous but…..not a fan of red so nah. #BlackIsLife hahahaha

  15. The red is actually quite attractive! Like the electric blue version of the Pixel, it’s sort of a refreshing new tint to the handsets because more often than not, we always just get the same shades of white, black, gray, sometimes beige colors.

  16. At least gi-practice sa Apple ang ilang Corporate Social Responsibility! Kudos to Apple! Wala gihapon koy budget for them. 🙁

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