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TechBytes is a weekly dose of tech gathered into one post every Tuesday! I put the relevant tech news, podcasts, videos, and more that you need to know!  This week, it’s about the latest Apple earnings results and it shows that APPLE STILL HAS IT! Also, I check out how Chinese smartphone manufacturers dominated the industry last year.


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Apple’s Quarterly Earnings

Apple released their Quarterly Earnings Results last Tuesday (Wednesday, PH Time) and they still managed to grow! Don’t worry, I won’t put all the numbers in here. (You can check them out here, if you so desire.) The takeaway from this is the fact that Apple STILL manages to sell 78.3 MILLION iPhones last quarter! It’s INSANE if you think about it. They sold 74.8 million of those bad boys a year prior. Despite the mostly under-the-hood improvements and the removal of the headphone jack, Apple STILL managed to sell MORE. (There’s also that assist from the Galaxy Note 7 debacle though. Thank you, Samsung?)

In other parts of Apple’s business, only the Mac and Services business grew from the same quarter of the previous year. iPad sales still went down (13 million compared to 16.1 million the past year) even though Apple has two iPad Pro models on sale. At this point, I really don’t know what to do with the iPad. (Maybe make the iPad lineup more affordable?)

They should also release better versions of the new MacBook Pro too. The Mac didn’t grow much and maybe a Kaby Lake processor update and the rumored new ARM chip could help.

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Chinese Smartphone Domination!

In light of Apple’s recent release of their quarterly earnings, Strategy Analytics put out their Global Smartphone Vendor Shipment list. Because of Apple’s HUGE iPhone sales, it took the number one spot for the fourth quarter of 2016! Samsung still manages to sell more phones for 2016 as a whole, but still. It’s no small feat to beat Samsung even for at least one quarter.

There’s another story to be told here though, as Huawei, OPPO, and Vivo rounded out the top five smartphone vendors. Huawei even reached the double digit mark, making the smartphone market a three-horse race. Will this last? I don’t know. I’ll continue to look out for this in the months to come.

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Nearly 100 Companies Sued Against Trump’s Executive Order!

In the last edition of TechBytes, I talked about Donald Trump’s executive order that essentially “bans” people from 7 Muslim-majority countries from entering the US. Now, nearly a hundred companies filed an appeal against this #MuslimBan. Most Silicon Valley companies, including Apple, Google, Snap, and Netflix, are part of this appeal. I didn’t know of another event that involved a lot of companies. There were some holdouts like Tesla, SpaceX, and Amazon but Tesla and SpaceX already joined the said appeal.

As some wrestler said, “Wish I could say it was just a bad dream.”

What’s Up on the Blog

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New Tech Videos!

That’s all for this week’s TechBytes? Do you agree with the companies filing an appeal against Trump’s executive order? Are you even surprised that Apple had a huge quarter? Sound off in the comments section below!

10 thoughts on “Apple STILL Has It! (TechBytes)

  1. Apple is still a big name in the smartphone world. It may got into trouble but it has already established a name for itself

  2. I’m happy for Huawei! It used to be unheard of but they really leveled up their game by capitalizing on the growing number of mobile photographers. Maybe that’s just one.

  3. Hooray for Apple! I’m an avid iPhone user, this is my 3rd device since 2010. Ever since I decided to go for iPhone, I never felt compelled to change my phone that fast. I had the 3GS for 2 years, 4S for 5 years, and I just switched to a newer model. 🙂 Best decision!

  4. Ugh, aPPLEwill ALWAYS have it. People will always buy Apple products. Hooray! And I don’t complain being an iPhone user though, at least nothing big. Haha! CONGRATS TO THEM!

  5. It’s great news that Apple has it! They are well known for their great phones in terms with camera, performance and other techincal specs. It’s also nice too to know the market shares of each brands so that users can definetely survey what to buy next with that information.

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