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Couch and Chips with Globe Community!

Jullian Robin Sibi 4

A few weeks ago, someone from the Globe User Council sent me an email and it was an invite to their small, intimate event in A SPACE Cebu. The email mentioned that the event is about filmmaking so I brought Ramzy from RamzyRizzle with me to the event. I thought I would be less interested in it since it’s more about filmmaking. Good thing that the Globe Community was really in full force and made it great!

A SPACE Cebu is another workplace type cafe which is located in Crossroads Mall. It isn’t as homey as iioffice Cebu but it has its own appeal. We gathered at the Sugid Screening Room which has a lot of beanbags!!!

globe community members
Fellow Globe Community members that showed up in the event!
globe community team
Here’s Quark Henares and some members of the Globe Community team preparing for the event.

The Intro to the Wonderful Community

Shortly after, the event began with various Globe Community team members showing us what Globe Community is and what it can offer to not just techies, but people with various interests!

globe community interests
One of the members of the Globe Community team showing what interests you can collaborate on their community website!

They also showed off what the Globe User Council is! It’s basically a subgroup of the Globe Community that enables collaboration between UI and UX designers of Globe with the subscribers themselves!

globe user council
They showed off what Globe User Council is and how it can help improve their products and services.

I love how the Globe User Council connects the people who design the products and services and the users themselves despite the usual problems that brings. People don’t know what they want sometimes and sometimes they tend to choose the wrong things. In order to prevent that from happening, the designers just provide options and the user picks the best one.

Enough about that, let’s get to the main reason we gathered: filmmaking!

Globe Studios & GIFF!

globe international film festival

Quark Henares, a filmmaker who started directing music videos for the bands he managed before, talked about his experience in filmmaking (He mentioned about working for the competitor briefly! Priceless.) and why he is now working with Globe. He is part of Globe Studios, an effort to help and promote filmmakers who want to show their stuff but lack the platform to do it.

Part of the push to promote filmmaking and independent films is the Globe Independent Film Festival or GIFF! It is Globe’s first foray into cinema, designed to nurture emerging talents in the local filmmaking scene and give them a platform to achieve their creative vision.

Hooray for the Globe Independent Film Festival! 😀

I’m so happy to know that anyone, literally ANYONE, can submit an entry! Whether it’s a short film you’ve been dying to share, or just a random vlog that you probably made for yourself. GIFF gives you the opportunity to show what you’ve got! You can submit your entries until the end of the year!

One thing I learned during Quark’s talk was the concept of not letting others stand in your way or let you down. To put it bluntly, he said:

Enough said.

Anyways, here are some of the short films that kick of the Globe Independent Film Festival!

I really really had a fun and WONDERFUL during the event! It was small but the fun was just as big as a usual event from some other company. You know what sucks though? Leaving behind all the leftover food!

Yes. There was A LOT of food from the event.

Enough about the food! Since Ramzy and I had time to kill after the event, we talked to the Globe Community team about a lot of things including how technology has influenced filmmaking and more. We even talked about the blogging community that Cebu currently has and how Globe hasn’t really tapped it just yet. I really want more and more companies to embrace Cebu as a venue for cool and unique tech and lifestyle events that Manila simply cannot offer.

Because of that conversation, this picture exists:

globe community team and ramzy
Ramzy is now part of the Globe team! Just kidding! A picture of Ramzy, Quark Henares, and the Globe Community team!

Thank you so much to the Globe Community Team for the rare opportunity to attend this small but fruitful event! I really learned a lot in terms of I hope I get to attend more events from you in the near future.

  1. Hahaha nalingaw kos mga short film! So this was the event you told us nga paapason mi. LOL

  2. I enjoyed the short films.. “How to Find Love” ug “Stop. Steady. Sayaw” hahaha.. nagcge ko ug agikik.. hahah

  3. I wanna be Quark in 2016! If ever I come with you the next time I will ask him “How to be you po?”

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